3 New Tips

3 New Tips

Poker Strategies – 3 New Tips for Advanced Poker Players

3 New Tips Are you annoyed that you aren’t succeeding much playing poker? Read these new poker strategy tips for advanced poker players now. It can be annoying when you go to play poker and you lose money, or the game just seems to be going against you. Sometimes it can get really frustrating, especially when you have spent all your time and effort trying to get your poker hands and you end up losing them.

While this is frustrating, what’s also nice is that you can take a bit of a chance and learn poker strategies that will help you win more hands and make more money. So, here are some new tips for advanced poker players.

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Advanced Poker Strategy Tip #1 – Learn how to play your cards better

This tip is about playing your cards with style, and not just going in blindly. If you like to be aggressive you can play more hands, more aggressively, and win more money.

Playing your hands with style means choosing your starting hands more carefully then if you were playing more conservatively. When you have a good hand you want to play it aggressively and when you have a poor hand you want to be more cautious to not lose too much money.

You can increase the quality of your hands with practice and experience, and you’ll be able to do this more and more often as you gain experience.

Advanced Poker Strategy Tip #2 – Steal the blinds

Sitting around waiting for a good hand can be a long term mistake. Many players lose money because they are too passive, they just play and play. They aren’t involved in the hand when it’s good and when it’s not so good.

When you steal the blinds you are going to be able to start betting aggressively and your opponents are going to have a hard time dealing with you. You’ll be able to win a lot of pots very easily.

3 New Tips
Advanced Poker Players

Advanced Poker Strategy Tip #3 – Know your opponents

When you are playing poker you want to know who you are playing against. advanced poker playerswho are good at poker will know who the good players are and try to play their hands against them. Try to play against loose players and passive players, work your way up against tight players.

More and more poker sites are offering online poker coaching, tips, strategy and more to help out the player and if you want a hand of mind you can hire poker coaches or you can fund and hire a poker coach of your choice.

If you want a poker player’s handbook, the one I recommend is “Super System: Achieving Success with The Poker Players Handbook” by David Sklansky. It covers hand rankings, playing opponents, how to read your opponents play and a whole host of other advice.

Now, you are probably realizing that you need to read this book. It’s a great book and you are going to be able to win more hands than you lose with it. It also comes with a video tutorial which you should definitely watch out for.

“The No B.S. Guide to Winning Online No Limit Texas Hold’em” by Aran Kanter is also another great book to read. This book stems from the belief that in online No Limit Texas Hold’em you can lose a hand without anything bad happening to you. Sure, you can take a bad beat, but you have all the time in the world.

Sure, you can lose a hand without something very bad happening to you, but you have all the time in the world. If something negative happens, like being sucked out on, your first instinct might be to go on tilt, but that is not a good idea. Stay calm, cool, and collected. Even when things start to get stressful, you should not rush into damage control; instead, let things get even. If you think you are just going to get horribly out of control, you will be prone to making more mistakes.

If you make simple, basic mistakes, like missing a fold, or not even raising on time, you might not even realize that it was a mistake. Your opponent doesn’t care. Your opponent gets the pot. Your opponent wins. You might want to go easy on yourself and not actually fold out on the flop, but against a tough opponent you will likely want to fold. Again, the goal is not to actually hurt the player, but just to slow down the game for a moment and perhaps make a better decision later.

There are a lot of books available on poker, but the stuff written by Doyle Brunson is the creme of the crop. He has become a bit of a legend in the poker world and he is not afraid to let you know that he has done a 180 on a hand and on a tournament. For sure, he has read through a stack of poker books and knows all the deep strategy of the works.

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