3 Pretty Hard

3 Pretty Hard

3 Pretty Hard Times in Lotto Life

3 Pretty Hard do you remember the adversity and hopelessness that you were having as far as your win was concerned? I do, and I heard about it this week from one of my family. Earlier, I wrote that if I planned properly, I could basically eliminate the number of dollars I would need to invest to win the lotto. Unfortunately, at that time, I was still operating under the assumption that it took about 15 million dollars to win the lotto in the first place.

That was a while ago. But, I’m sure that it was really more like 30 or 40 million. How much have you invested in your lottery winning? It could be from the time you were a kid, right? Maybe that’s when you started buying your lotto tickets. Or maybe, you’ve invested a substantially amount in your favorite number combination. Or, perhaps, you’ve spent the past few years reading your horoscope and wishing for the best results.

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Regardless of how you could have spent your lottery fund, you could still have been a winner. But, it didn’t happen for lack of trying, effort and strategy. You see, not everybody knows how to succeed in ANY game of chance… whether it’s playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or, yes, even lottery. Some people are just uncomplete… or, as I like to call them, 1850 when the drawing is Tuesday afternoon.

What do I mean by an 1850 player? Only 50 years and CB radio were purchased by the state of New Jersey in the sixties. Assuming you were one of the first to try lottery games, one of the first to bet, and one of the first to buy, what I’m talking about is a simple mistake made ages ago, when the inexperienced players began to purchase lotto tickets without knowing what to do. If you haven’t experienced it already, then maybe, your system is that you simply believe, if you play the lotto, you will win. That’s it. Maybe you have no plan for playing except to win.

If you do not have a superb system to use, and you do not have a superb blueprint to follow, then, at best, you can say that you are making a dumb mistake. Hey, I know it’s easy to say that, but it’s dumb. You can’t buy a lotto ticket and randomly pick numbers. It doesn’t work that way. You have to see the pattern or you can’t play the lotto.

You can’t buy just any old system. You have to find one that works. That means, you have to study the system and you have to learn the strengths and weaknesses. As you read about the system, learn to decipher the numbers and see if you can divide it into even number or odd. Though some of the weaknesses appear to be the same for all systems, there are some that stand out from the rest. The strongest means of distinction are the ones that guarantee the winning of six out of ten. That is, at least two out of ten.

3 Pretty Hard
Times in Lotto Life

You can’t buy an 1850 page book and randomly have a 45 number system. You have to know about the trends of the game. Therefore, I have to tell you that you can’t simply buy any old lottery book titles and believe that they will work. You have to read between the lines, and you have to discover what the system is all about. Be aware that some of the retailers sell a lot of these books. It is not difficult to find them, they are all over the Internet. In fact, at your local convenience store, you may find that there are just stacked in front of the booth that sell them.

If you do your research, you will find that the books are all about the same. They all talk about the same concepts. You have to be patient. Be aware of the trap that many discover when they are ready to part with their hard earned cash. Once you buy the book, you buy the same book again. It’s all a waiting game for the winning code. Once you have the winning code, the rest is easy. Sit back and relax and if and when you win, you will surely invest your winnings. Otherwise, you will surely end up broke with no money and no Hendo.

The Hendo System Play Beats the Odds and Softens the Payouts

Hendo is different from the majority of lottery systems because it is a system that you can employ for any lotto game. It is not complicated. It’s easy to follow. You only need to know three things to earn money with your new foundotto skill.

First, know the facts about the game you are playing. Second, have a budget. And third, start today and everyday continue working on your budget until you change it into your working capital.

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