6 Types

6 Types

The 6 Types of Betting

6 Types of betting that will need to be covered in the following article. We will be speaking in broad terms which should be covered in order to ensure that the general understanding of the reader is not confused with too many choices competing for the same stake. We will be covering the following issues:

Types of Training

6 Types There are many ways to end up training a horse, and with the vast amount of facilities available, the prices per head services are sure to rise on an almost daily basis. While on the track, training can be completed in breathless pace, detail and taking place in dress shoes, adults may choose to finish unfinished business on the track. Therefore in terms of changing of jockey, trainers, trainers and jockeys for racing can be done with the minimum of fuss. But what about the question of changing of masters? Again, with the on-hand exercise pen and horses, it would be possible to have a look and see all the other possibilities.

But of course, the goal is to win, and “to finish” first is of little value to the trainer or jockey. Should that be your goal, other means of goal seeking, such as handicapping or system hype will in all probability prove of little value to you.

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Types of Wagering

This is when you participate in the betting opposite to who you are winning, or betting against a horse winning.

Bankroll: This is a term referring to the amount of money which must be kept aside from other sources of income in order to bet. It is kept separate from the profits.

Warning: Some horses attract the betting habits of the racing public. warning signals these horses to bet on the favourite, which it is known to not be the best choice, and of course, the horses that are most likely to not win are given “warning”.

Exotic: Betting on conditions such as “Whatever the grayhounds” or other horses not usually placed in the starting gate, or even laying in wait to Spectate a race or races at a later date.

Masters: Masters is a large annual rally held in April, challenging all manner of riding and riding techniques in a range of weather and ground conditions on variable courses.

M VIDEO: This is a term used for a racing video record of a race or a season in progress. The advantage of using this is that a punter can see a race (or even a season) in progress and bet accordingly.

Retrospect: In syndicate sports betting, for example Betfair, a service called Betting Review which is a private individual investor’s opportunity to regularly share views and opinions on races and events.

Beit: This is the expression used for betting on a horse not placing or running the race.

Appeal: To place on a horse betting at a bookmaker is known as appealing or betting on the horses.

The betting possibilities on the betting exchanges are endless. Therefore, a smart punter needs to be ready to change strategies as and when needed.

However, betting on horseracing have gone beyond simple expressions used to describe the horseracing statistics. Nowadays you can place bets not only on the horses, but also on the breakdown of the race to win, place and show. So whether you back a horse to win, place or show, you can bet on anything to happen on the race.

6 Types
Types of Wagering


Whether it is flat or jumps racing you can bet on in, you can now bet on the horses with some of the betting exchanges. Betting can be done on all sorts of different conditions.

There are also some horse betting options available on some of the betting exchanges, including some that allow betting on the place to win, the show and the next time a horse will be started. When you are betting on a horse, you have options on how you want to back your horse.

You can either back it to win the race, place or show. If backed as a place, it is much more likely to win as the odds are against you, however, if you lay it to win, you are risking less money as your odds decrease, although the returns will still be smaller.


Another way of backing horses is to place a bet called laying. Unlike backing horses, you lay the horses to lose.

 laying is a method of playing the race betting game, in which you bet on the horse to lose. Unlike backing horses, you can bet on the horse not to win. Another form of laying is to back a horse to place, i.e.

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