A Winning

A Winning

A Winning Poker Strategy – It’s So Simple, It’s Stupid If You Don’t Do It

A Winning here is a poker strategy that you must use in no limit poker tournaments: Let’s say you entered a no limit poker tournament. It’s the middle of tournament. There are 40 players left. You have an average sized stack. At your table, there are nine players and everyone is playing fairly predictable poker.

A player in middle position raises three times the size of the big blind. Another player calls. You are on the button with pocket 4’s. You decide to call, since you have a relatively good hand.

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The flop comes A-7-6 rainbow. Rainbow means that all the suits are different, so there are no flush draws. The first player checks. The second player checks. Now it’s up to you. What should you do?

You have pocket 4’s. Just an ugly pair of 4’s with three overcards on the board. What should you do?

If you have a hand with some potential, you want to bet out with it. If you are check-raised, you can assume the player who checked is weak. (Check raise is a play against very aggressive players) If you are playing against very aggressive players, you can let them keep betting, and then re-raise back.

Why top pair, the best hand you got? You can’t bet out with it. Why bet out, then? You might win a small pot. Yeah, you probably won’t win a big pot, but it is a start.

You need to get chips, so you bet out. If you are check-raised, you can let the other player keep betting, and then you can re-raise back.

This is a position you want to try to get to as cheaply as possible. Don’t raise too much, because you are giving yourself an opportunity to get into a hand that beats you. And, if you fail to get the big pots you want, you will not get very far into the tournaments.

Oh, and your greatest weakness is checking! If you a chip leader, when you have a hand, go all in. If you lose, you are only going to double up a tiny bit, and then you will be forced to cut your losses, and maybe not even get back in the game.

A Winning
Poker Strategy – It’s So Simple, It’s Stupid If You Don’t Do It

Shorthanded Poker

When you are in a tournament and are required to play a short handed game, you are in a unique situation. Normally, playing six handed you would be in a really tough spot because you are out of position, and out of practice. shorthanded poker takes away the need to learn about the game, position, and killer hands. A Winning

A shorthanded poker game is about as far as you can get from a full table. It’s a unique advantage in a way, because you can’t see your opponents, and you won’t be out of position nearly as often. These sorts of games are really fun to play, and you will soon learn that you have a knack for making some really dishonest calls when you are up, far more than if you are playing full tables.


With online poker, and due to the fact that avatars are avatars, and thus from one computer screen to another, and if you have an internet connection, you will easily be able to hook up to several different poker sites at once. This way you can even play several different games from the comfort of your living room. While your thinking about playing, then you can watch TV, or read a book, or whatever. A Winning

When you are learning to play poker, or if you already know how to, you may want to find more of the information needed to really excel at the game. Some of the best places to find this are at online poker rooms, or at poker review sites, that list out what good hands the expert players have at a given point in a tournament, or during a bank. They also list out which hands you should throw away, and which hands you should make a move with.

When you are trying to win a poker tournament, make sure that you are constantly thinking about what hands you are playing. If you have a good high starting hand, you want to make sure you at least have a good second or third pair. In fact, if you don’t have at least that, then you really aren’t going to be in a position to win a game easily.

This is also true for hands like A-J, A-Q, where you will get most of your money from the flop, then win second or third bets from people on the button, and occasionally steal blinds. If you have a hand, you should at least be betting strongly in the first two rounds of an SNG, or at least putting in some blinds yourself.

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