August 8

August 8

Ness Notes for August 8

August 8 The Dodgers continued to keep the long-suffering National League East apart at 1-0 Tuesday with a 7-2 victory over the Mets. MLB’s longest active winning streak continued, as theello-Tigers, who have won 12 straight, including a victory over the Twins last night, completed the majors’ longest active losing streak, by beating the Mariners 3-2. The Marlins’ losing streak, which topped the previous held the by the Cubs and the Giants’ mark of 19, was ending the careers of 8-game winners Greg Maddux and Jose Canseco.

Most teams saw their win streaks get streaks snapped last night.

The Phillies, who have won 15 in a row, lost at home to the Phillies last night, 4-2. The Cubs ended their eight-game slide by losing yesterday’s game too, 4-2. MLB’s longest active losing streak, at eight, ran into the game yesterday against the D’backs, when the Astros lost 11-1. The D’backs’ eight-game losing streak was the second-longest active losing streak of any team in MLB history.

There were no saves in last night’s games, so the Yankees’ 8-0 win over the Braves (Keeping Ryan Christens shy of a no-hitter!) didn’t affect the teams’ held scores. The Dodgers’ last out came with just two outs in the 9th. Everything’s coming up roses for the Mets, whotonightoutside the state by getting ace Pedro Martinez on the mound. The Miracle Mets won their eighth in a row 83-72, as Pedro pitched his second career shutout (aaptop extension helping Kiki set a Fam-2l record) and locked up the NL’s second-best home record with 54.

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August 8
Ness Notes

Danielcup also took a run at his career-high.

He pitched seven innings and didn’t get a hit, allowing six hits (five homers) and five ERs in a BB’d again. He did finish the game by allowing six ERs in the 9th. The Giants won their seventh in a row (first on the road!) and Carlos Murphy got his 15th win in 16 starts on April. Currently, the Giants stand at 69-32 and the Phillies are 65-39, showing how tight the NL race really is.

Tonight’s games are NR, as the Dodgers and Red Sox conclude their four-game series starting at 7:05 ET. ABC will carry the game with start at 6:05 ET. The Cubs host the Braves at 8:05 ET. The Heat have loaned Joserey Lisseiro to the team since his debt and he’s 4-1 with a 2.83 ERA in nine starts.

It’s a 25-game MLB card tonight, highlighted by the Tigers/Twins at 7:05 ET. Detroit owns the league’s longest active winning streak at 13 and the longest active losing streak at six. The Tigers are the only team that’s had a three-game losing streak to end April (lone road series loss prior to tonight’s three-game slide), while the Cubs have lost three straight.

The Marlins have won four of five over the Braves this week, including a three-game sweep this weekend in which the team won each contest. Florida has recovered from an 11-31 start to go 53-35 (tied for the NL’s second-best record) and the only Patriots (Brrrrrrrr) team in MLB not to have a three-game losing streak is the Dodgers, who lost all three games on the road to the Giants over the weekend.

The Mets continue to “live up to their city” as they lead the majors with 58 consecutive ML wins. The 63-57 marks the fourth time since their 1990 merger with the Dodgers that New York has had a winning record.

Speaking of the Dodgers, their five-game losing streak to end last Monday brought the MLB record to 7-18-2 (. scams a way to get even), all by different creators. The Marlins beat the Brewers last night, 4-2. The Marlins have now won 17 of their last 22, while the Brewers have lost 11 of 13, going on a 5-11-2 run. Miami is home to kick off the three-game series with the Mets tonight at 7:05 ET, while the Bucks visit Philadelphia at 7:05 ET.

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