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Before You Place Your First Online Place Bet, Make sure You Know How to Play the Game

Before You Place is growing in popularity by the day. It is incredibly easy to do, as online sportsbooks supply almost everything you need to place your bet. What you need to know before you get started is how to place a sports bet online.

There are basically three types of online sports bets that you can place. They are football betting, divisional betting and money line betting. Football betting is probably the most widespread and the most popular to do. Divisional betting can be obtain by betting the money line either on the favorite or the underdog team. Money line betting can be confusing to many new bettors. They seem to think that the more money that is placed on the favorite team, the more likely it is that the team will win. Perhaps this is true on occasion, but that is not the direction a consistent winning sports bettor will take.

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Betting on football games can be a confusing affair, especially if you are used to doing football bets the old school way. Before you place one of your bets log onto an online sportsbook and do your homework on the relevant teams and the betting lines. Make sure you examine the betting lines and the betting opportunity of each team. Football betting lines are easily accessible online and you can have a good look at who is playing on a particular field and what the betting lines look like for that particular game.

The second most popular type of online sports bet, however, is placing a point spread bet. When you are betting against the spread you are betting on a team’s ability to win by a certain amount of points. The spread is the number of points you have to risk if you want to win. The closer a team comes to the spread the more they are favored. A team may be favored by 1 point in the middle of the season but may be down by 10 at the start of the playoffs.

Betting against the spread gives you a greater chance of winning, if you bet correctly. The victory is easier when you bet on a team rather than one that is favored. You stand to win a little more, but not a lot, if you bet on the favored team. When you bet on the underdog you stand to win a lot more. In addition, betting on a favored team may make it more difficult to win in the future.

Betting the over/under is yet another way to bet. This means you are betting on the score of the game. You do this to bet on who will win, or what the score of the game will be.

Then again, perhaps the easiest way to understand sports betting lines is to understand better the constructed betting lines. Let’s say a basketball team has a game scheduled against a team in the bottom of the standings. This line has been determined by the handicappers and sportsbooks. The outcome is already known, and you just need to pick which team will win. Here are the betting lines.

Before You Place
Your First Online Place Bet, Make sure You Know How to Play the Game


For years this has been the way most people bet. With the rise of online sportsbooks, you can bet on many more games than you could ever have dreamed possible. These sportsbooks, already tight because of the limited exposure, will place what are known as proposition bets. They are wagers that a team will win a particular sporting event or specific event in a specified manner.


Most soccer games are played on the fields that are Arenas. These are big grass surface made fields with artificial turf. The are made by different owners owing to the fact that soccer is a ever popular sport in most countries.

By betting on this surface you are betting on a horse to come first in a race. Most people bet horse racing, as there is an implicit knowledge that the horse will win, regardless of the circumstances.

By betting on specific outcome, you stand to win large amount of money, as illustrated in the following example.

* Maddy is a trainer and a better named name is Lucky Star. The racing calendar says that the horse will win.* attempts to bet on the horse by increments. The bet is made from 1 to 5 dollars each time, as illustrated. If the horse wins you receive 5 dollars each time except your 1 dollar bet which is returned.* if the horse loses for the same time, the bet is again increased by 1 dollar from 1 to 5 dollars.* end of the fifth race, the horse won the race.

If you bet on a horse to lose, all of the bets are returned to you. This is called breaking even. That means that you have the same winning amount each time the horse wins or loses.

By the way, if the horse wins and you bet on the favorite horse, you may bet the favorite horse to lose instead. Which way you win big as illustrated in the following.

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