Big Business

Big Business

It is True That Lottery advertising is Nothing but a Big Business

Big Business And so it began – a little begun by a simple idea among a few American fundamentalists. They argued that if there were any way to reach millions of people, they could do it by means of a publicity campaign that would raise the moral and financial status of the masses. This no less qualifies as a definition of a lottery advertisement.

Today, we all know the result – Millions of people around the world, every day, virtually every week, check the New York Times, the CNN, the BBC, and other major TV and radio networks, in an almost telepathic manner, repeating the same numbers, reading the papers, magazines and books, buying the same numbers, answering the same questions, and joining the same syndicates. This is basically the way that we are all conditioned to respond, by a type of Oscar’s winning instinct that occasionally rewards us with a lottery jackpot. Big Business

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In some cases, you may have a small fib on your site play. All you do is to clip a lottery ticket in your office or school lunch tray, mentioning the words “Play Wisely” or “Win Big” or even “Play Big” or “Win Free”. In truth, you give the analogy of someone who is hypnotized, someone who is brainwashed, someone who is coached, and someone who is pushing a mental suggestion. All of us contract the hypnotic suggestions handed to us on our faces, all day, every day, so that for free we may feel like we are already half- Romano, half-Louis. The end result is that we all begin to think the things that will get us to the homes of the super-rich – the cars, the jewelry, the lifestyle, and the islands in the Caribbean.

The problem is that it doesn’t quite work like that.

Perhaps the problem is that we all begin to think the selfsame things. We get the same affirmations and stories about our family, about how hard we worked for the latest car, the latest house, and so on. And yet there is something missing. There is something lacking that would make all of us tell each other the same thing, but in fact the events of most of our lives do not seem to line up with each other.

Perhaps that is why each of us now and then behave differently. Perhaps it’s simply because we are all individuals, and even when we think alike there is seldom a simple formula for everything.

In a recent discussion about lotto systems that have failed, someone said that the reason more people fail is that we have become so individualistic that we have failed to communicate our goals to each other. Look around the world today and you will see people wearing sunglasses at the same convenience store. They are not shopping in the store so much as they are browsing from one to the next. But they are reading the same book, or looking at the same website, so they are following the same routine each time they pass by.

Why didn’t we teach our younger generation the values that we learned from them?Technology has brought everything under the sun into the picture. We have become so mobile that we live almost completely automated, processed, housed and Mothers even work from home.

But perhaps it would be better if we taught them to sweep our floors, to push our envelops, to push our envelops to the ATM machine, to call our cell phones in the same routine as we do, and then, perhaps, to do the same to the ATM machine. We could then bank every time, and never have to be mistaken for a bank teller again. It would also be nice to have a little pride in our carnival sides.

But what would that accomplish? Ah, that would require too much homework, for we do not yet have staff members who live in homes without children. We could begin to “scatter” the permutations of numbers by asking the children to point out those numbers on their lunches. We could get them to say them randomly, but perhaps that might be better if we allowed them to choose their own numbers. What would be the harm in that? At least we could begin to map out a strategy to combat the lotto, and it might even be fun to try.

Big Business
It is True That Lottery advertising

Should we allow the children to choose their own numbers?

Well then, we could compile a list of “possible” numbers, and find the ones that appeared most frequently, assign each one of them a score, and then wait for the results to come out. (On cable TV, sometime in the evening, there are live drawings in which the players are shown to choose their own numbers, and their selections are then announced.)

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