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Card Count

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Card Count blackjack is a game of mathematics and has hardly any statistics for the player to exploit. Counting however is a vital part of the game that can be utilized to beat the house. Card counting is a strategy that can be successfully employed to throw the casino’s advantage off a fret. There are many ways to count cards, however a effective card counting strategy must rank at least some hands as being more profitable than others. The basic principle is to add the number of cards already dealt to the number of cards still on the deck. That is, if there are 4 cards already out, you add 2. That way you reach the number of cards on deck of 5.

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Your bet is the amount you must surrender to receive your cards.

That is, if you are dealt a 4 and a 6 you have a 16% chance of getting an Ace and a 52% chance of receiving a 6. Likewise, if you are dealt a 3 and a 5 you have a 29% chance of getting another 3 and a 70% chance of receiving a 5.

Casinos place a limit on the maximum amount you are allowed to bet in the same area. A written limit is usually 15 times the minimum bet or 10 x the maximum bet. However, you have unlimited resources in devising new strategies to augment your edge.

One of the simplest is known as thenegative expectation.

That is, if you do things that arehematically expected to have a negative expectation you will have a small edge, if anything at all. One strategy which I have used successfully for quite some time is known as the Kelly Criterion. You simply count the number of cards remaining, the more cards less the more you bet.

The advantage of this strategy is that you only need to predict a win after the cards have been dealt. There is no actual information available to you while the game is in play that would suggest you have a better advantage. The guarantee however is that you will be making money because as you win your bets you will bet fewer overall.

While card counting is a quick and easy way to guess whether you better believe you have an advantage or not, you will only be using your gut instinct. You need to know that often gut feelings are not the answer. A recent survey asked people to rate television programs predicting the outcome of the next presidential or vice presidential election. Almost everyone chose the person they believed would win. Only 2% chose the person they thought would not win, and nearly everyone said that they were wrong.

Card Count
The advantage of this strategy is that you only need to predict a win after the cards have been dealt.

That means that if you like to bet on American Idol you might be better off putting your money on a horse. 83% of people who bet on horse racing bet on the wrong horse. It is not unusual to use the exact same system on both major candidates in an election as well as on daily horse racing.

It is unclear whether the advantage is with the candidates themselves or with the political process. Whether you place your vote for a noted candidate or the underdog, you are sure to have an advantage. Still, in the end, it is all a matter of numbers. The candidate who has the fewer supporters is more likely to win. One of the ways to measure this advantage is to look at the percentage of the people who supported a candidate and the percentage of the people who supported an underdog.

The percent of total overestimation of the candidates is also useful to look at. For instance, one can compare the percent of people who said they would never do anything to help the underdog with the percent who said they would vote for the underdog. This is particularly important during a horse race as in a single faro bet you have a choice of horses to bet on, but with a double faro you may have two horses).

If more people are planning on betting on the underdog than on the favorite, then the rich rush on the favorite will likely cease to enrich them and instead a rival faro could defeated the favorite for the opposite reason.

Be aware that faro bets often have to cover both a race and a half. This means that it is more difficult to win a faro bet than it is to win a bet on a race. Each further bet on the faro could exceed the amount you initially staked, therefore make sure that the faro you are going to use is deeply discounted. Faro bets work best in the region of $1,500, but can be more than that depending on the demands of the casino.

Clearly then, the faro bet is a gamble and it is important to have a good system to make this work. Programs have been developed for numerous card games and other casino games and the trick to working with these is knowing when to cut your losses and yield a profit. The faro bet is designed to allow you to do just this.

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