Casino contacted

Casino contacted

Casino contacted Again

Casino contacted me again. This time, it is an official establishment. They wanted to know if I was willing to promote their casino. OK, I said sure, as long as they could get me on their mailing list. They send you an announcement email, which looks like it is from your old high school friends, inviting you to come to their casino and we can have a fun time.

Then, once you give them your banking information they start running your credit card through their system as well as having other people start a bank account for you. This happens every day. They are Alice and Bob. They denied having anything to do with each other. Then, when you delete the casino from your ebook burner, they suggest you delete from everyone else.

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At this point, you say, “Hey, wait a minute. I know that they are scamming me.” They say, “We don’t mind if you know this information.”

Now, your probably thinking, “What does this have to do with the ‘Alice and Bob’ situation?” They were trying to get me to give them my banking information. I guess they thought that since I worked for the casinos, I would be more likely to give them everything rather than not. Alice and Bob were on the same page with this one, unlike some of the other scams they have pulled on gamblers like me.

Bob and Alice were long distance power couple

But they still knew how to have fun. They met some other couple and decided to hit up the 300-boat trip. After they were caught, Alice decided to head back to the east coast. Bob stayed behind to try to work it up with some other couple. Bob was working his rear end off to get his current service job and Alice was on the west coast working as a waitress.

 Alice gets a call one day from one of her customers about the casino

She goes over the sales pitch for the casino and what the offer is. Then she starts talking about Bob and her experience with him. “He totally forgot to pay me.” she informs him. “Alice, you have to pay your customers.”

“What? I didn’t do anything!” says Bob. “He forgot to pay me!”

“I know,” she says. “He left my money at home.”

“Alice, I have three kids and I have a job. I can’t lose my job.”

“I know, but you have to call me and ask for my money back. You didn’t pay me.”

“I know, but he left me with no money,” Alice repeats. “I have no money.”

“Alice, I have to go to work. I have a wife and three kids to feed. How am I going to do this?”

“Alice, I have the same job you have. I make enough money as this waitress. Why do I have to ask for my money back?”

“Alice, I have the same job as you. I make enough money as this waitress. Why do I have to ask for my money back?”

Casino contacted
A million thoughts run through your head.

A million thoughts run through your head. After a while you can’t even see straight. You’re thinking about getting out a wad of cash too, while you still have the casino account open, but the best part of the story is coming to the casino and cashing in your winnings!

While I was in Vegas, Another Casino Crapshow Ebook let the story unfold to its logical conclusion. You see when you leave the show, you leave behind a few of the people you came with, but you get to experience the adventure of coming with the gang to a deserted island where you presumably have the money to pay for your tickets home. Yes, the show was entertaining, but you could have done yourself a favor and stayed home.

As for the other two shows — One, not only did the shows entertainment, but it kept the audience longer. The other, probably more importantly, kept the audience entertained. In the end, a great story is tempers maybe even a great story. It was entertaining, but there are some stories that only entertaining people can stay with. In a case like this, a story like Phil Hellmuth losing to a runner/offender named Aston Vick, anyone who had more than minimal knowledge of football could have picked this one apart. Had Vick not had the better QB (backups until he got the bus started), Michigan would have won the bet. Phil Mickelson went from an international guru to household household familiar last week. A win is a win, and that is what preys on the mind.

Don’t be afraid of the odds.

They’re always in your favor. When great money is on the table, luck doesn’t even matter. And when less money is on the table, good math can take you a long way.

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