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Critical Overview

1,000 Suited Poker Chips – Critical Overview

Critical Overview do you remember the first time you ever laid eyes on Kimudi Blackwood’s 1,000 Suited Poker Chips? It was the early days of online poker, and her family thought she was crazy. It took place in the early 90’s, and as a young girl, she was too young to gamble, so she worked in the library researching her family’s history with the mob. That’s when she started buying cards and had a bit of a love affair with the game of poker.

Those days are laid to rest with the 1,000 Suited Poker Chips that Blackwood has here at Poker Stars Direct. If you want the same feel of the old casinos and the excitement of winning some real cash, then you can’t go wrong with this transaction. Plus, if you get any combination of these poker chips, you will be set for a lifetime of poker games.

Specified as 5.5g, they are perfect for any home game that utilizes about 78% of the normal playing area. This includes the vanilla, burnt orange, yellow, green, red, and blue. Quite a selection if you ask us, but if you want to change it up a bit, you can get a couple different denominations as well. We recommend the 1,000 rough card suits.

Before you read on Critical Overview Admin will ask for permission to advertise a little., good quality website, easy to apply, deposit, withdraw, transfer quickly, and there are still many forms to choose from.

Those cards were handcrafted in China, and they are known for great durability and a quick card with amazing turnover. You can tell this for yourself if you look at the cards more closely. We’re positive you will like the design on these cards.

Theelling is similar to the casino cards out there today.

You will find the same special inlay finishes, along with a linen finish. The feel here is similar to the real cards out there, except for the quickfold in the front. This allows for easy shuffling, so you can get the full effect when you are ready to deal.

Critical Overview
1,000 Suited Poker Chips

You might even get a couple freebies out of this promotion.

To start, Poker Stars Direct will give you a $25 Sit & Go Strategy Package, which includes a DVD on “xious hands” and also a couple of bonus videos. Then, if you join into the incredible $100 + $100 Sit & Go Tournament, you will receive airloom sized package, including airfare, conference pass, and six tickets to an exclusive behind the scenes Epstein wedding that includes fly- TAMMY part 2. Yes, if you combine this package with the one above, you will definitely get a great package. See, we have to keep in mind that these are all products, so even if you win money, you still have to pay for buying these.

Another good thing about the 1,000 Suited Poker Chips is that the case is one of the most durable you will find. Sure, the type of case has a flimsy felt, but plastic or metal cases will not give you the durability you need in the long run. This is why the 1,000 Suited Poker Chips from Poker Stars Direct looks like it will last for years of use in your home. They also give you a case to keep all your poker chips, poker chip sets, and more.

Also, the batch of these we sell here at PSD is actually cheaper then the retail prices. So if you are looking for a great birthday, Christmas, or greeting card set, you may be able to find them here at a reduced rate. Heck, you can find these at a discounted rate compared to the actual retail prices. You mean you can get a great birthday card for less than $20? Get a poker chip set for less than $100, and get a card set headed by one of the professionals that put so many dollars in the pot each and every night. Get a card set headed by a poker pro, and you will definitely see an improvement in your home game.

So if you are one of the many that enjoy a good card game now and then, you may want to check out the 1,000 Suited Poker Chips by Poker Stars Direct. It is an excellent poker chip set that will last a long time no matter how many people play. Who knows, you may even be able to use the set as your next home game. Then again, if you have a small game going, you can get the cost down as low as just $15 or $20 per set. That is a discount of over 20% off retail price. Why not take advantage of Poker Stars Direct?

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