Finding the Lowest

Finding the Lowest

Finding the Lowest House Edge

Finding the Lowest It’s possible that you’ve heard of the house edge, but are unsure as to what it actually means.  In fact, there’s no real meaning at all for the term, as it’s actually just a description.

When a casino advertises a game with a house edge, it usually does so to stress the advantages that the casino has over the players. The advantage the casino has is that it has a built-in advantage that cannot be considered when playing by the players.  Put in simpler terms, the casino has a built-in edge over the player, so long as the casino and the player both stick to their rules.

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There is another aspect to gambling house Edge, though.  When a game of chance offers a high house edge, there’s a much higher probability of the casino winning than the player winning.  The reason for this is that the player has no control over the rules of the game, and the casino has all of the inherent advantages.

So, what does the house edge actually mean?  Let’s say the coin has a one in six chance of coming up heads.  Those odds might sound imposing, but they’re really not that bad.  How about if you add a few hundred thousand more people to the group, then the odds are really even, or maybe even a little better, right?

This is what’s known as the Math of Poker, and it’s the fundamental advantage that the casino has over the gambler.  In fact, the casino is so cheap, as they are only taking a commission of a few percent off the winner, that the player can still defeat the casino in the long-run. Finding the Lowest

To figure out the Math of Poker, you have to forget what your television show about poker will tell you.  You have to treat poker as a game of science, as a game that is based on statistics.  Poker is a game of about 60 statistics, the basic statistics of which are the number of flops a player goes to the river, the number of hands he plays, the number of times he advances in position, and the total amount of rake taken by the casino.

Finding the Lowest
House Edge

These 60 statistics are compiled every hand, and then the 30 subsequent bets, in order to determine the odds of the each outcome.  When you factor in the house edge, you will find that the odds of winning money at all goes down significantly as the number of players in the hand goes up.  You might win as many as four hands out of ten, but you will have to play with a strategy, and that is not really what you want.

While you will not win every hand, you will win more than you will lose in the long-run, and that is the goal you should strive for as well as the target you should shoot for in any given poker game.  Once you hit your manually determined target, stop and start playing.  Instead of counting out your chips to the chip stack in front of you, subtract that amount from your stack.  Sure, the next hand will be harder, but if you are trying to win back your emotional will-free-website money, you will ultimately lose everything back to the casino.

So, the target you should be shooting for, is the number of hands within the time frame that you need to be able to comfortably play your game versus the number of hands the casino allows you to play.  Once you realise this, you will be able to Sunsclusive strategysay you are going to bet or call in a certain range over and over again.  Now you are probably aware that this is going to be a long winded explanation, so allow me to expand upon the same by using more concise language.

There are two levels of thinking to proposition bets.  Once you have hit your preflop target, you might continue to play by this rule of thumb and aim to ‘cule’ your second target even further to push out even more money from your target.  However, if your hand is not strong enough to do this at this stage, you should stop and come back another day.  Otherwise, you will be throwing your money away.

To conclude

It is extremely important to adhere to your strategy.  Poker is not a game of luck.  You are not going to win every hand or hand.  Bad luck is bound to happen to you, just like in any other sport.  You can however, win your buy-in and make a nice dent in your opponents’ wallets.  When you do this, quit thinking negative thoughts and start playing with the positive mindset.

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