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Free Tips playing poker whether online or in person can be very rewarding if you know how to win. I should know; I’ve been playing for over 20 years and will admit that the last several years have not been the most profitable years by far. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your game and bring home the poker chips or money instead of dropping on the floor in defeat.

You may be saying that poker is a game of luck and there is no way you could possibly get good enough at it to win any significant amounts of money. While this is true to a certain extent, you should not rely on luck when you play poker. You can’t be predictable and the more you learn about the game, the less likely you are to have bad beats.

The main problem with poker is its relative simplicity. Very few players can sit down at a poker table and expect to win, let alone make any serious money. However, if you understand the concept of betting, you can take small advantages over your opponents and slowly build your way to the savanna.

Many poker players try and jump right into a game, whether it be sit or go or cash game, and lose very quickly. They lack even the most basic knowledge about the game and the even the most basic of Texas hold em rules. There are two types of poker players, beginners and advanced players. beginners simply buy the game and learn the rules, and end up losing. And then there are those that simply have no idea how to play poker at all. These are the players that you want to find and avoid. Free Tips

Advanced players, whether it is sit or go or cash games, understand the game and how to play it. They can guess, understand, and adapt. They know when to fold, and when to call. They know what to bet on, and how to bet. They can do this because they have practiced, and when they are in a hand, they know what to do.

Free Tips
Free Tips playing poker

In the early stages of a sit or go tournament, it’s important to be playing well before you hit the big hands. If you are sitting on a pocket pair, it may not be strong enough to take down the pot if you’re called, even if you have a good kicker. In the early stages, it’s okay to throw the cheap shots. You may just be throwing them away, but if you don’t have a good hand, at least you can escape with some money in your pocket.

When you are in the blind, both big and small, you need to be playing aggressive. Betting aggressively changes your environment. It changes the complexion of the table. When you’re in the blind, if you’re not raising, someone else is probably raising the pot for you. When you raise, you’re in control of the hand, and everyone else must act. Before you get any cards, you can see the flop, and if you have a good reason to raise, you should consider calling a continuation bet, or a half-pot bet. When you check, you are subject to being called by good players, so you need a good reason to call.

The environment in the early stages of a tournament is the most crucial stage. The other players still have the opportunity to catch on to your tricks, but most of them won’t have the composure to do so. They’re subject to the same awful beats as you’ll be subject to in the “late” stages. Even if you’re raising your regular hand, if the table is playing tight, you’ll still be underdog. Worst case scenario, someone will call with 2-7 off suit just to take down the pot. It could happen, but the fact that it did happen shows you why you need to play tight in the early stages. The amount of money you make will be less than it would be in a more traditional cash game.

What you really want to avoid in the early stages is being dominated or dominated by a better hand. If your hand is not strong enough to hold up in the later stages, it’s a better idea to just get out pre-flop, than to lose a large number of chips to a good hand late in the game. You still want to picks, but be sure you pick strong hands to play pre-flop. You don’t want to play a hand just because it’s your first to play. You need to look at the overall situation, before making your decision. If someone is raising, it might be a better idea to just get out pre-flop, rather than losing chips to a better hand late in the game. If everyone is limping in to the pot, it might be a better idea to just call to keep the pot small.

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