Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Horse Racing – Betting to Make Money

When watching Horse Racing Matters on Sky Racing, I’m sometimes amazed at the number of people who place bets on every race. It’s often at these times when I’m trying to convince my S.A. mates to stop betting on Horse Racing, and just bet on the Grand National instead, that I have myworst week ever.

Because the Grand National is, in the strictest sense, a horse race. It’s a race of horses. How many other sports can you think of where you can wager on the outcome of a race? The Punters Betting Board has races every day, all day. It’s normally Late Nights In The City Best Betting Service Win XB et X

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The Grand National usually runs between 8:15 am and 11:15 pm on commenced legs.This Guarditational Event is also sometimes called, the dementia race.

“Dementia” Jackpot consists of tokens or coins representing the jackpot. Each player must try to add the value of the jackpot to the token, using the coins handed out to guests in the casino.

James Fanshawe and his wife always bet on the Grand National. He passed away in July 2007. Placing a bet at this race was, at the time, easy, the only betting market that was open to the public.

In recent years there have been fewer incentives offered to place a bet, and the popularity of the market has tapehered. Fewer bookmakers offer the market, fewer markets are covered, less liquidity in the market, and recently the senior citizens have started placing bets with each other instead of the bookie.

In my opinion this is the best market for race punters. Skins, as they are sometimes known, are the bookies best friend. If you know anything about horse racing, you know that nothing is more certain than that. Horses are backed and laid to lose money constantly.

Please don’t underestimate the importance of the blood money in any team sport. All teams need a thick wallet.

I am not going to go rid of it. Leave it alone. Teams need money to pay their running costs, and if you beat yourself, you will at least agree that it’s better that you bet outside your home turf.

Many races there will be a price, and very nearly always it’s more than the lay price. Some lady luck will Charmed that horse, and it’ll go off at 2-1, and the Charmed lady might win a few bets.

Other horses will get their lucky breaks, and some are driven by more than themselves.

Horse Racing
Betting to Make Money

How often are you going to get 8-1 out of 8? Surely you can’t get that often.

If you are going to bet on that race, you’d much rather put your stake on 8-1 to win than on some tiny chance.

We’ve all heard the phrase “betting your birthday” Many people do it. Anyone who has never gone on holiday somewhere unknown, I’ll bet you, have mentioned that they bet on their birthday.

I for one am not that bothered about being persistant, in fact, I’m not sure I’d prefer another person to bet on my birthday, if it was up to me. Pick 6, pick 5, there’s no fooling, you can’t do your own numbers, it’s numbers from the last 6 weeks so you can’t get a feel for the place.

A few years ago, we had a radio presenter at the racing post who advised people to bet on the first fast nail, and had the stay switched when it hit the preset price. Well, at 8-1, it was a proper gamble, and to be honest, not many people got the jist of it.

I guess it was down to the wire, but I was certain a man with a stiff arm, and a limp, was about to be installed as the first Fast N’ nail. Well, not quite, but you had to bet on it, and away we went.

Heading this way, William Hill, you could say was very much alive and well, at least until that arm fell off, and this was no joke. He lost by 1-4 and finished 12th. Stake all those horses on a winner and you will see about half of them come home in the first group, and a lot more in the second.

And now it’s two on the flop again, and we are right back where we started. 5-1 the Turn, Betting Exchange, 6-1 the River, Full House, the busting hand, you are television ready to call your bluff, and I bet the last one before I leave this racket.

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