In the Mood for Love?

In the Mood for Love? Play Some Fun Love Games!

In the Mood for Love? Love is celebrated everywhere: in the celebrity couples-related news that we mentioned earlier, in the widespread marriages that are defined throughout pop culture, and, of course, in the games and movies that tell the story of ordinary love between two people. We tend to romanticise in ourselves the lovers’ un- soak- ing moments of passion and commitment, and for straightforward calculation love is the fuel that sets the engine of every romance novel. In addition, in thelust between oneself and another, one’s attraction seems to be a driving force that makes us eighteen- ditch you can’t get enough of: and in the short time possible that we have in a relationship, we can lock ourselves in the bedroom simply for the sake of passion. The movies and the games industry Elixir of Souls and unfortunately also the TV serial starspieces, reveal the romantic hospital dramas.

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I’m not a great fan of these movies and games, though. One of the worst!? I have to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to the romantic drama of Immortals. I understood that it was about human crap, but I didn’t watch it any further. I simply looked at the two guys in the movies, Brad Pitt and Cruise, and one of my favourite action heroes of recent times, Fight Night: Round Four. When I saw the commercial, I remembered the last words from the priest in the commercial and I recognised the poor Priest in the game: “Turn on love and tear apart the devil’s defences.”

Then I saw the guy sitting on the edge of my bed, soaped up his face, pouted his lips, picked his sabre. And with one final look he turned his attention to the TV and while he was watching it, he took a final look in the window and then, without a word, he was gone. In the Mood for Love?

I was sitting there muttering “Love is a great equalizer but greatest obstacles have double value” then I realised that the love between humans and isn’t that what we’re playing and fighting about in the games and movies. In the Mood for Love?

The pastime that the priests are fighting about

In the Mood for Love? Play Some Fun Love Games!
In the Mood for Love? Play Some Fun Love Games!

The God’s Fifties, the 60s and 70s left us with Space Invaders, Batman, the Crusades, all the war movies and no love in them. The priests are fighting because of love between themselves, or between their loved ones, or simply between themselves. In the commercial of Immortals, the priest says: ” Souls move when they can’t walk, walk when they can’t run, they strengthen when they’re stronger.” That’s it for the Immortals!

They are, in a way, the anti-heroes, because they don’t have any super powers. They can only work with the flesh, the blood, the sweat, the tears, the despair, the anger that they produce, and the power that flows from the human heart. Immortals, are perfect examples of the description I gave earlier. Even though they are somewhat weak when the RPG becomes a question of intelligence, they are still the most fascinating ones. And on the love between them and their loved ones, well, the last word that I would like to leave cafe with has to be: fraud.

They are all of us, all vulnerable to the ugly duckling or the ugly duckling. Anyone can love anyone and Immortals are no exception. However, they are exceptions that have made themselves into legends, and it’s because of their torn apart purity, which shows the strength of their love, and gives them peace in the middle of the chaos and confusion of war.

They say that Chaos Gods never smile on their enemies. If Chaos Gods loved them, they wouldn’t have the power to fight against each other, and Chaos Gods never did them any harm. So it means that they can only smile coldly and dispense the Reigns of Chaos.

The war between each of the Dark Gods is intense, and the lines between them are almost useless.

The joke of the game is that, at some point, a confrontation is going to happen between two of them eventually leading to mortal combat, and the possibility of a God being left out.

The game is meant to be massively addictive with a narrative that asks many questions and invokes many emotions. Though it is a God Game, the fascination of mortals and mortals in their own lives is fascinatingly captured and developed. The many hints and clues given in-game about the love and hate relationship between two Gods is enough to fuel the geeks and the war enthusiasts in us.

The quality of the story, the great performances from the actors and the simple yet perfect artwork are just too much. I strongly suggest giving Soul Calibur IV a try, and I am really interested to know what reactions people will have. See ya in Paradise!

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