Low Limit Poker

Low Limit Poker Strategy – Defending the Blinds

Low Limit Poker It’s a common scenario in low limit poker: players defend their blinds against aggression. Once you’re in the hand, the action goes one of three ways. You fold because your hand is just too risky or you call someone’s bet because you have a hand.

In this last case, you really don’t want to be in. If you are in, you should be mostly raising or folding. If you flat call, you only raise with premium hands and are right to do so.

But, what do you do when players defend their blinds? Well, some defending-short stacks are at it again. solo players and heads up players love to give chase to their blinds, and their range is wider than normal.

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It’s fairly standard for a player to defend from a short stack. Any player in position from 20-30 should be aggressive in this situation. It is even more appropriate to be aggressive pre-flop in position. Once you enter the pot, you are in position to take the pot down (in position).

Players love to give chase to their blinds, and it’s standard strategy to give chase to flushes when playing from position.

This is a nice little trap to play into, although, I as an individual player am not sure why a typical player plays bad cards in position.

What I will say is that it probably stems from bad beats. When you lose a hand, you don’t like saying you were beat. It’s much more pleasant to be on the receiving end of the bad beat, which is what I want to say when defending position.

To come out of these bad beats successfully as a poker player, you have to be able to survive. Your first priority should be to survive 20-30 hands. You cannot survive missing a flop the majority of the time. You also can’t survive pre-flop folding a hand the majority of the time.

Unless you have chemistry, it’s simply not profitable to be in early position with most hands. You’re out of position 90% of the time if you’re the first one into the pot. You’re only going to see 30% of the flops. You have to make sure you’re getting most of those other picks.

Low Limit Poker
Defending the Blinds

For the first 10-15 hands, play tight. You’re looking to survive. While the blinds are building, unless you pick up a good hand, it’s not worth getting involved. until the blinds die down a little. Once the blinds die down, you’re ready to steal the blinds with any two cards. Start opening up your game and play more hands.

Restore your confidence, and if you’re one of those players that get’s bored when they don’t get cards, begin to Observe. You’re looking to notice players doing strange things, adjusting their game and even sometimes calling on the cutoff. Noticing and learning adds up to your advantage over your opponents.

Take advantage of your table position at all times. As an early player, you want to play fewer hands and be fresher than your opponents. If you’re in the middle or late position, you’ll see a lot more flops and harder decisions when you can. Don’t limp in early; it’s a very safe play, but in late position, with hands and with players who are more likely to raise or just flat call, you will have to be a bit more aggressive.

My recipe for success is tight aggressive. Yes, that’s a wide range of bets and plays. Yes, it means you will play some hands and lose some. However, you’re not going to win every hand or in fact, ever play a hand. You’re not going to win the blinds, but you’re going to win enough of them to make your presence felt at the table. That’s really what it’s all about.

To win the blinds I like to play a mix of solid, but loose play, like the ones I describe above, and tight, aggressive play. One of the things that I find interesting is that there are more tight players than ever. Why? Because they know the secret. They know the moves. They know the cards. And they bluff a lot. But they are very wary of committing chips to large, expensive pots.

It’s a secret, a very profitable secret, to be honest. The best players in the world know this. And when they bet, they bet big. And when they raise, they raise big. Do you want to be a player that they are playing against? If you do, be careful.

Okay, that’s it for this article. Next time, I’ll let you in on the same secret and break it down even further.

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