Making A Poker

Making A Poker

Making A Poker Bankroll

Making A Poker when you are playing online poker it is important to have a poker bankroll, in order to play at your desired level of stakes.  Since, you are playing poker to make money, having a bankroll, or money in a bank account to deposit in to play, is very important.

There are many theories concerning how to build a poker bankroll, but for the most part, there is no single formula that will work.  However, there are some advice which, if heeded, will improve your chances of building a decent bankroll.

First of all, you need to be realistic about your expectations.  You know that you are a winning player, but you may not always win.  It is also possible that you are not profitable, at least long term, so you need to recognize that your losing streaks may go on for quite some time.  Because of this, it is always a good idea to have a plan for your bankroll.

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One of the ways to build your bankroll is to move up the limits as you become a profitable player.  Although this may take a long time, it is well worth it and will allow you to make money as you move up the limits.  As you move up the limits, you will find different opponents at different levels.  For example, at the higher limits there will be a lot less flops played and therefore, you will play many more big bets.  The difference between a high limit and a higher limit is a big difference in bankroll size.

Your bankroll, the size of the bets you would be placing against your opponents, the size of the pots, and even the times you would remove a hand from a game would all have to be taken into consideration when deciding where to spend your money.  Although there are more advanced tips, most of this advice would still apply to the play at low limits.

If you intend to move on to the higher limits

There are some things that you will want to avoid.  For example, there are a lot of people who are very aggressive.   Most of these players will chase a lot of cards and play a lot of hands.  Because of this, you will be able to take away a lot of pots from these players.  If you cannot be successful here, you might want to stop trying to steal the pot when you turn an ugly card.

Making A Poker
Poker Bankroll

There are many opinions about how big a bankroll you should have

Depending on your intended level of bankroll, you should probably have about 20-30 buy-ins.  However, if you are a higher level key goal is to have at least 50 buy-ins to start playing with.  The lower limit tables are usually much friendlier to beginners.  Although friendly competition still exists, most of the players are more serious in how they play the game.  New players are often amazed at the moves and moves that are made at the higher limit tables.  It is possible to make big moves and win big pots on the lower limit tables.  There is more soft competition to steal pots and pots are won more frequently.

If you are a higher limit player, you should probably have a bankroll of at least 100-200 buy-ins.  The bankroll should be enough to support your ups and downs as you climb the ladder higher into the blinds.

Both levels of freerolls have essentially the same rules

But the micros are slightly harder to win.  Your chances of winning a micro in the micro limit qualifiers are good, but they are volatile and very dependent on your starting hands.  Because of this, poker freerolls are not a good place to earn a lot of money by yourself.  Although you can and should, in fact, earn a profit from poker freerolls, unless you have a strong first hand, you will likely lose money even if you finish first.

The second reason for the popularity of freerolls is that these games are cheap.  For example, a $3 freeroll will cost about 20-30 times the prize pool.  This is a very small number, but a profit is a profit.

The final reason for the popularity of freerolls is that you will discover players who are much better than you and are willing to take your money.  AQ, the top poker hand, is 500 times better than KQ and cuts the number of opponents in half when playing heads up.

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