Men Better

Men Better

Are Men Better Free Poker Game Players Than Women?

Men Better Have you ever noticed how male and female poker players tend to have different playing styles even in free poker games?

This may not be something that a lot of players are able to pick up on. However, I have noticed it a great deal from playing at home and working at a poker store. Of the people that I know that play at the local card room or a free poker night, I know of female players that sit around the poker table and just watch the action. When a guy acts like he owns the casino or is super important, women will often be figuring out how to play the game and bet the right way.

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While male poker players will play any hand

It is more common for them to act before females. It used to be that female poker players were not taken as seriously as male players. The introduction of online poker and televised poker on a major TV network has caused the perception of poker to change.

Now days women are being treated equally at poker tables. In a game environment where men often sit on the front of the room and women on the back, it is no wonder that women are more comfortable sitting on the side streets. Unless a man is sitting on your exact seat it is harder to get an approach over to them. Once a man gets his hand dealt he wants to play his hand right.

Men Better
Free Poker Game Players Than Women?

When a women is in the pot

As in the final hand of a poker game, she isn’t worrying about her pot odds and she knows she is dependent on winning the hand. She is playing the player and not the cards. When a man is in the pot, he is playing every hand and at the end of the hand he knows he is going to win. He doesn’t want to scare away other players and he also knows that if he doesn’t have a hand that is good he can get out of the hand.

These are the two different types of players.

Most men bluff because the cards look better to them. Women however, do not. Women like to read the game and know ahead of time what cards the other players have. As a result, when a woman is in the pot, other players tend to let her do her own thing. Other players will put pressure on women to play more hands because they do not want to be taken advantage of when a women is in the pot. The worst opportune moments for a woman at the poker table are when a man is not in the pot. Without a good hand a woman knows she has a better chance the next time to steal the pot.

While male to female ratios are almost flipped. Women will play to win and win when playing the home or online poker game they are comfortable with. The reason why most women don’t play in casinos is because they are scared to be in the presence of men. In the private poker room a female can go to the bathroom and when she comes back she will most likely not have the key to the safe. This allows a man to walk in and not becerned about stealing the pot. Women tend to play poker while they are in the vicinity of a computer. In live games, women often get splendaed up in the bid-when they win a hand. When playing online, women often get distracted and lose the focus of the game.

When playing slot machines

Women do the same thing. They allow the emotional rollercoaster to ride until they think they are making the most out of it and even when they get on the losing end, they still stay calm be upset less when others are winning. When playing video slot machines, women often get emotionally involved with it. The thought of winning yet losing it creates a rollercoaster more often than a person can stand. When playing at any casino slot machine, women find that the best time to get emotionally involved is not when the symbols are doing the falling or even now and the machine is performing as well. Perhaps the only exception to this rule is perhaps at an online casino.

When playing the game of roulette

A common rule followed by all players is not to stay in the game past your loss limit. If you have £100 to last you for a day, take a break. Never gamble when you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance as you can easily make a poor betting decisions and end up losing a lot of money. As well as this, people can be veryexpensive when gambling and losing money. When deciding to gamble, women do not often set aside £100 to cover the gambling games that they play. additionally, women tend to keep their gambling to a personal level and many men can be very quick to realise an unprofitable trend. Always be sure to set aside an amount of money and stick to it.

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