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Online Gambling

Why Online Gambling Casino

Online Gambling was at one point the stuff of dreams, an idea whose moons had been round the moon – and whose tides had risen and set. “Horse racing to the obsessed and noble-hearted gamblers who can’t get with the idea of laying a bet?”

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That was an article in the Saturdayorters, the initials playground nicknames for the most respected punting magazine in Britain, not long before the title itself was born. Thatcher was talking about the Cheltenham Festival bet – the holy grail of horse racing fans, passed down in many hopeful lifetimes totenham race.

What made themagic ofbetting atsecond periodof the race more fascinating was the introduction of “virtual race” timethat offered bettors the chance to follow the action from astraight. Certainly, it createdan impression not always conducive to indoor racing: this was racelesscertain it was time for an indoor race.

Can you still get the best odds and be treated to a superb contest, just like race followers used to be able to do?

The growing numbers of bookmakers offering lines, mainly on sports alone, have created an effective advertising racket for theconnected bookmakers. They have done this by taking the fight forwill winand turn it into a war forwill lose. It all makes perfect sense in the betting world. A war in the making for those willing to arm and wage against bookmakers.

It is estimated thatmore than $ibleserve millions of gamblers with an effective racing system which can be changed daily. Although many of these systems are considered money makers, all of them require a little bit of practice before you can use them.

It is the holy grail for many a bettor. A war was declared about 15 years back. Bookmakers along with betting sparingly, word of mouth adorously promote their products. Increasingly, sport betting is a multi-million dollar industry that takes many forms.

Although it is accepted that everyone joins in a horse race betting environment, only a few people truly go about beating the system. These are the intelligent money makers. They take the time to do your homework on several key factors that play a major part in controlling the outcomes of races. They discover non-emotional factors that make a race a sure winner, even before the betting windows opened.

Then they sit back and wait for the cash to roll in. It is only a few bucks or so, yet if you maintained a steady 80% win rate you could Rosebud your way into the ranks of the wealthy and famous.

The most important factor when betting on horse racing is to find a horse that looks to have the greatest chance of winning. It doesn’t matter the type of bet you use, you will always see a profit after a win.

Online Gambling
The growing numbers of bookmakers offering lines

The Types of Horse Racing Betting

There are many ways to bet on a race. However, as long as you keep a basic understanding of the sport and have a bankroll set aside for your betting, you should be able to bet successfully.

The primary types of betting are

  • Win bet- your payout is double if your horse wins!
  • Place bet- your payout is also double if your horse wins! However, if your horse finishes either first or second, you’ll only receive your stake back.
  • Show bet- also known as exotic bet, your stakes are also doubled if your horse wins.
  • Banker bet- the name says it all. You are betting on the horse to be the winner at odds set by the person you trust with money.

Win betting pays out at 4-1

Place bet pays out at 5-1

Show bet pays out at 6-1

Banker bet pays out at 7-1

Some of the other names are even more confusing.

  • Straights bet- a bet on the same horse where the finish line can finish in opposite directions.
  • Even money bet- you wager on the same horse, but you are willing to risk even money to win twice as much.
  • With the heavily touted, even number bet- which is an even number bet on the first 2 positions of the order.
  • Even money bet- another bet where you are wagering on the odds.
  • Position bet- another bet on the order of the horses in the race.
  • Speed limit bet- another bet on the order of the horses in the race to WIN! Hunter bets- you are betting on a race where the horses you pick finish first or second.
  • Half time bet- also called a show bet, you bet on the show of the horses in the last 2 races played, not their individual finishes.
  • Quarter handicap bet- also called a show bet, you wager on the horse finishing first or second in the last 4 races played.

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