Play Aggressive

Play Aggressive

Poker Strategy – Play Aggressive in Position

Play Aggressive In no limit holdem poker, a common mistake that players make is to play too aggressive in position. Texas Holdem is a game of position, position, position. Respect the position you’re at and don’t fall behind, especially once you get in the hand.

There are many reasons to be aggressive in position. The first is to exploit your opponents. The second reason is to protect your hand or blind, or to make a good hand. It’s important to exploit your opponents, because if you don’t you could lose a big pot. It’s also important to protect your hand because if your opponents know you have a good hand, they might attempt to steal it.

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Position Is the Most Important Thing In Holdem

In Texas Holdem, position is everything. You want to play aggressive every chance you get and you never, ever play safe. You should always raise out aggressively. Whether you’re ahead or you have the blind, you’re looking to pick up the pot.

Being aggressive from any position is strongest when you’re in late position. Fish are more likely to come over the top with a raise when you’re in late position. If you do this and see a flop, you should bet it accordingly. Do not call with a coin hit. Your objective in the early stages of the game is just to see the flop.

The later your position, the better. If you’re in early position and no one has raised the two prior times you to call them, no matter what cards you have, you should always call them, even with a trash hand. They are giving you information with their raise. If you don’t have a good hand, you can always get worse odds with a call. Better yet, if you’re in late position, and no one has raised before you, no matter what cards you have, you should always call them, this is basic poker. You should always play in late position if you’re in less than the last position.

Play Aggressive
Poker Strategy

Why Is Playing Aggressive So Important

Playing aggressive in position is one of the most important things you can do in holdem. That’s because once you’re in the hand you have a better awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of your hand compared to your opponents. You’ll know exactly how strong your hand is (both pre-flop and on the flop) and you’ll know exactly what your opponents are holding, so you can make decisions accordingly.

Being in position is very important, so don’t neglect it. Hands change value depending on where you are in relation to the button. A lot of beginning players lose money because they play marginal hands too aggressively. When you are first to act in a hand, you should be raising or folding. Don’t call.

Playing assertively in position is a very important aspect of being a winning poker player. The old western scene in which the man with the gun is sitting in front of the Goodling Brothers Ranch handooting over his money with his cow hats says it all. It doesn’t matter if you have a real Goodling collectible from Fred Done himself, you should only raise with a hand good enough to win. Don’t play like Phil Helmuth or other pros that base their poker play on the perfect cards. Play aggressive!

Being Aggressive Means Caring More Than Most

Being aggressive means raising or reraising preflop, or raising on the flop if you have a very strong hand. Being aggressive means raising or reraising on any hand, not just good ones. Rather than checking, calling, or limping in, you want to make a strong play and win the pot.

Being aggressive means betting or raising when you have a hand. Good players will do this and win big pots. Bad players will do this and lose big pots. The difference is that good players will actually use the pot to their advantage. They’ll take a small bit of their stack and push it to the limit, and then they’ll win the pot with a big raise or some other play that dictates aggression.

Your opponents won’t know what kind of hand you have and won’t have a clue what you’ll do. This gives you the edge. This is why you see the same people at the final table of the WSOP every year. Players pick up their aces and they get busted. They’ll call raises with any Ace, and then they’ll go all-in and they don’t know what to do because they don’t really know what to expect. They won’t know what to expect when you’re the first one to raise.

Using Aggressive Play for Goals

Once you learn to be aggressive, you’ll be able to set certain goals. You might think, “I have A-4, so I’ll bet zero. I have 6-7, so I’ll bet 4 times the blind.”

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