Poker Hands

Poker Hands

Winning Poker Hands – Which Ones Should You Play?

Poker Hands every time the hands are dealt, there is always a certain percentage of the time you will win. A calculator can definitely help you understand this percentage because it will have your hand ranked evenly with all the cards that could have a very strong hand. However, Poker is still a game of chance because you cannot control what cards you will receive. That means that you can only decide which hand will you play and how much to bet. This, in theory, would give you a better hand odd win the most hands.

One of the most played poker hands is the Straight Flush. This is the perfect hand because it is very hard to beat and you know that the person who held it will win the game. The value of this hand in the eyes of the mathematical community is around 100%. So, if you were to have a Royal Flush in poker, you would probably be a very wealthy and very popular person in poker. This is the reason why the Royal Flush has a very high value in the eyes of the odds.

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But what is the perfect hand? Well, some people argue that there is no such thing. In Blackjack, some people argue that since you can’t always get a 10, you should just stick to this and bet your even money bet. The mathematicians however, disagree with this theory. They believe that there are times that you can get the perfect hand. And, according to poker, there are indeed times that you can get the perfect hand.

Knowing the odds

Naturally, if you know the odds, you will know when to play the perfect hand. Let’s say that you have a nut flush draw with trips and you have a pair of fives. The probability that the person after you also has a flush is about 37%. The same can be said for a straight. The probability that the person after you also has a straight is about 58%.

It’s simple to see that the probability of having the perfect hand is when your opponent cannot beat the hand that you have. The chances of being able to have a better hand than your opponent is when your hand outweighs their hand. The mathematical term for this is the Shannon Entropy. Shannon Entropy is the measure by which the amount ofathsomeroublesaction on the Price spread is multiplied by the certainty of the opposition.

For example, if there are 1000 ways to combine two cards of consecutively lower rank, the chances that a sequence of lower rank can be extracted is 1001. The same can be said foreigner’s. The chances that a matched pair can be extracted is. The shorter the better.

What can you do with this knowledge? Poker experts often say that a long run is a good and good thing when it comes to poker. You will not win every tournament or every game, but with a good strategy you will certainly win enough and be able to make a long run of your own. Think back to your last game. How many times did you fold when you should have stayed in the game? How many times did you go to the showdown with the nuts only to muck the hand? If you have statistics on your opponents, know the chances of the next move they might make and adjust you game plan appropriately.

Poker Hands
Which Ones Should You Play?

Aggressive Poker

An aggressive style of play is all about the betting. You will usually know when you need to bet or raise depending on the previous cards you have seen. An aggressive style of play will often allow you to steal the pots. When you see downward points on your hand, you should probably bet or raise to try and get your opponents to fold what is currently in their hand. You want to take less of the pot so if you hit the cards, you will not be all in and possibly knocked out of the game.


If you want to win and beat the best in poker, it is important to understand your chances of winning before you do anything. Know your chance of winning and adjust your bets accordingly. After you do this, you will likely win the majority of your poker games. Do not bet on every hand, or you will surely lose the majority of them.

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