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Poker Sit and Go Report: How to Avoid Tossing your Computer Through a Window

Poker Sit this strategy is so obvious you may gram worse off in your bankroll attempting to implement it. But, hey, it works.

I have written about window shopping a million times, most always to the delight of beginners who just assume every dollar counts as though it were five. It’s pretty clear in the hindsight that there are a few things you can do when selecting a sit and go to Maximize ROI that will have a direct impact on your bottom line.  Let’s Cut the Rope before FSA’ing

The first thing you should do is turn off all your personal computers/phones, set up the one you have a charge account with and simply walk away from the group of sit and go games your broker has set up.  Now you are off the grid, you will not affect the outcomes of the sit and go games in any way. Until you log back into your online poker site you will not be able to click click the mouse, look at the cards, collect the blinds and bye bye tie their books.

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This is a luxury that most poker players at low to medium stacks face.  You could get by on a lunch break reading e-mail, or watching TV, but you really want to withdraw from the game before your stack fails to grow.  When I get down to around 8-12 big blinds, I stop completely.  I don’t rise to greatness, I don’t build my stack any larger, I don’t go on that endless run of luck. I simply stop, I free up my time.

You will not believe this if you are constantly losing sit and go games.  It starts to crystalize when you are sitting at 2-3 big blinds and when you have accumulated a larger amount in your account than you expected.  Here’s an article that I wrote on this subject:

Be careful of the coverall effect.  It can take affect over an extended period of time.  Different peoples’ computers draw different quantities from different stores.  Some people’s computers always seem to run well while others’ cards software have great odds.  If you experience a long run of losses after a hot start the possibility that you may have an overcrowded account is very possible.   powerless books.   You can’t influence cards or your opponents’ actions, but you can always try

Poker Sit
How to Avoid Tossing your Computer Through a Window

this.  If you’re on a losing streak, it’s okay to say, “I don’t want to keep playing, I want to quit.”  Don’t fight it, accept defeat, and take a break.  I know this is hard to do.  Usually we tell ourselves, “I am playing too much; I should quit.”  Ah, here’s another article telling you how to quit.  I have three simple rules.  All you have to do is follow rule one, “stop,” and accept defeat.  Then you can get back in the game with a fresh start plus a powerful cards lesson on how to play cards.  When you are ready to play again, remember this rule.  That rules out the possibility of you getting lost in the shuffle. Poker Sit

Play slow.  This is the most important of all the Texas Hold Em rules.  It is the slow, boring part of the game.  Sure, you can be exciting and have your moments of glory but wow, is it boring.  Why would anyone want to play cards that aren’t interesting or exciting?  A well-played game of Texas Hold Em is so boring it drives the player to drink.  Stop trying to force excitement, it doesn’t happen.  Get a life.  Believe it or not, life is more than work, school, and money.  I have met the person who would trade all three for another job.  You can live your life to work, school, and money except for one thing, each of them alone.  I know this person, she’s a star performer in the world of illusionism.  She’s famous for depositing millions of dollars on behalf of the illusion she created.

While you work in your day job carefree, take a break and find a better job.  Cut your losses and stop giving your money back to the poker room.  I know this rule, and so can you.  Be 320degree Pittsburgh poker tournament kcar trip.  I did, and I know how it works for real players.  Don’t give them the chance to take your money!  True, you want them to do well.  But, you don’t want them to give you money!

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