Sit and Go Strategy

Sit and Go Strategy

Sit and Go Strategy – Learn How You Need to Play!

Sit and Go Strategy back in the days before internet poker and online poker rooms became so abound in the world that there was actually a TV station in USA making a show called World Poker Tour (retaliate to derision of the long hours of watching Texas Holdem by the media and their pundits), a game that was loved by the masses and had an economy shouting, this golden age of poker actually began in the 50’s with the very first poker tournament in Las Vegas.

Before long, blackjack would be followed by great success in Atlantic City and then the poker boom would ensue. Many of the world’s best players would begin to display the skills that had made so many of the world’s affluent and famous so far.

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Of course, the poker boom would soon bring about the beginnings of an online poker revolution as well. Many online casinos hosted live poker, which then led to the poker explosion and many of the world’s best known and best played players would partake of the pastime.

As popularity of poker exploded in the USA

Sit and Go Strategy
Learn How You Need to Play!

so did the publicity surrounding the game and the television specials that were in abundance during the 60’s and the 70’s. These tours led many people to believe that any casino was full of players who were playing poker and the casinos were eager to take advantage of that fact and provide Las Vegas style action to their patrons.

Indeed, much of the charm of poker can be attributed to those first famous players who took the world by storm and made their mark on poker. Doyle Brunson , known as the “American artic” won the World Series of Poker in 1976 and invented the Texas hold ’em style of playing poker. The Texas hold ’em is now hugely popular and the hardships of the game are well known from its inception in the 1950s.

Before long, the “Acey-Deucey” would take the world by storm and poker would shift from the casinos to the internet. When poker moved to the internet, it did so to the enormous extent that the game had never seen before and it wasn’t long before other variations of poker developed on the internet, such as the “Omaha” variety of poker, which is very similar to Texas hold ’em.

Those poker variants that have yet to make it to the big leagues are really just an attempt to duplicate what has been done in the past and while some of these efforts are very impressive, a small number of poker variants have had better opportunities.

However, the poker variants that really thrive on the internet are the “low card” variants of poker. These variants are very simple and they offer a whole new gambling experience to those who are used to playing poker online. The really interesting part about the low card poker variants is that players are actually playing the lowest possible stakes. Most of the time, these games are live but the variations mean that the advantages and disadvantages of the live variants are extended to the low stakes online variant.

The variations really make the game interesting and the fact that you can play for really low stakes online is really something unique. Also, the fact that you can play in a stingy casino with poker chips that are as low as a penny, offers mobile gambling to those who want to play on their mobile devices.

So, if you want to have a poker experience that extends to the online community, then perhaps check out the variety inonline pokerrooms out there.

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