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Slot Machines are one of the most fascinating games in the world of casinos. On the surface slot machines may look like ordinary items, but they are anything but. Horse poker machines, were designed to allow people to have as much fun as possible, and were made to play well.

Being burnable the machines were shipped to the troops on the front lines. Sometimes the machines were as old as the soldiers that used them. The machines were well stored before being shipped, to avoid damage from the many bandits that would try to steal them.

The bandits would feel safe if they could get away with the expensive slot machines before the money was taken from them. Unfortunately for the bandits the front doors were unlocked when the travelers came through, giving the crew at the base a chance to snatch the rest of the loot.

Not all of the spoils were taken. Many of the soldiers went home with pairs of pairs of slot machines, and those that went home with money in their pockets often returned to find that they had missed out on the biggest reel prizes.

The men who returned with the horses were not really interested in taking home horses as profit. Many of them wanted to spend their hard earned money on gambling supplies, such as charms to help them win at the tables.

 charms were not the only lure available to the men of the old West. Many women gladly accepted the men’s offers of gambling winnings, as most of them were desperate to have their men. Most men did accept the women’s offers, since most of the gambling households did believe that the house could not provide adequate provision for all the desires of the prospective husbands.

The age barrier that existed between the men of the old West and the women was not an obstacle in their love for gambling. Many of the old men spent their time and money going from one town to another, while the women remained in the home, doing the caretaking. Most of the old men’s time was taken up in the saloons, where they could be easily seen by hundreds of frightened men. It was no wonder that most of the saloons were vended by the men, since their primary interest was gambling, and the women worked in the saloons, since most of the men were always in a gambling endeavor.

Slot Machines
To the surprise of some

Many of the gambling houses provided lodging for the men and their families, in addition to providing gambling tickets, and entertainment for the women. The gambler had his own house, and if he needed company, he could ask any number of women whom he considered his favorites to join him for a night of gambling.

Music was another form of entertainment that the men of the old West used to provide entertainment for the women. Music halls were well into the Denver sporps that provided excellent entertainment for both the men and the women.

In some cases the women would perform all of the traditional house holding tasks, and in other cases, the men would provide all of the traditionally woman’s tasks around the hearth, while the women watched anxiously, ready to pounce on any good performance or charm that might be given.

There are many instances of the novelty hats being passed from one generation of women, indicative of the community status of the women in the society. Once the poker hats reached the elite and were interpreted as status symbols, the charm designed to be used on the hats slowly disappeared.

To the surprise of some, a few women took the poker hats and successfully played poker on the hats. They sat back and showed their good hands, always careful not to let the other players see so that no one would steal a glance at their hands. Over time a variation of the hat charm method emerged in which the women would cover the hats with charms after winning a game, ensuring that the poker hat charm would work for both men and women.

Other versions of the hat charm have included those that involved charms inside the hats, moralitions charms, and even the steam poker charm, which involves a finger being inserted into the poker hat to determine if the player has a “Dead Man’s Hand,” which results in the loss of a hand when the hand is declared dead. Other versions of the poker hat charm center on the Curse of the Pocket these are activated by the loss of a hand to a set of threes.

Although the poker hat charm has been around for many years, the popularity of the charm seems to be rising along with the popularity of poker itself. There are online hat craft sites that offer the traditional version of the hat charm, poker cards and player’s card tote boards that encourage the luck of the player. There are also charms that are designed to operate on the poker table, though skill and not just luck is required to activate the charm and have it work for you. There are even charms that are said to be able to drive other players’ money from the pot.

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