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The Recession Can’t Stop Poker Online from Getting Popular

Stop Poker is a game of skill and one which has seen a massive increase in its fan base in the last few years. The game of poker has seen a surge in popularity because of the two main reasons of that. The first reason poker players are often able to play the game from the comfort of their homes and poker is a game which is easy to learn and pick up. Another reason poker has seen a skyrocket in popularity is because of the big money games and tournaments that are offered by online poker rooms. Stop Poker

In some countries poker is illegal and therefore in those countries where poker is illegal, many poker players therefore find poker is an impossible dream and those who try to play poker, areoften rewarded with periods in jail. However, there is hope for all who cannot legally play poker in the USA. Poker is a game of skill and whilst it may not be possible to get a bill passed to make online poker illegal, there are still some laws which can be enforced.

The most important law in the USA is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), this law was passed in 2006 and makes it illegal for banks, credit card companies and other payment processors to accept funds from certain gambling and sportsbooking activities. The law has beenosoated in 2006, and as a result, many online poker rooms and online casinos have shut down or moved out of the US market.

The UIGEA only makes it illegal to use the financial system to fund gambling at online casinos and poker rooms. The law clearly states that online gambling is illegal, however, individuals using the system to perform online gambling transactions are not covered by the law.

The law also places a mandatory prison term of 5 years’ jail for anyone who is caught attempting to enter a betting account or making a bet using the telephone to gamble across state lines.

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Belying the government’s claim that UIGEA makes the US a safer place for gambling, thousands of online gambling players living in the USA, have nonetheless continued to gamble online, knowing that UIGEA contains no provisions outlawing the activity.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) has proven to be an enormous disappointment for the online gambling and sportsbooking industry, which has suffered heavily as a result. Party Gaming, the world’s biggest online poker room operator, had announced that it was pulling out of the US market in October, 2008, because the law did not make sense, and was overly culminating in the remote possibility of banks and credit card companies to conduct transactions with gamblers. Stop Poker

Stop Poker
The Recession

PartyGaming’s CEO Stewart Reitter said at the time: ‘We’re concerned that any proposals from Washington will not be viewed in the context of the overall international trade situation.’ PartyGaming followed this announcement with the sack of its Chief Executive officer.

The online poker rooms and sportsbooking sites that have stayed in the US market have had to fight very hard to get more leeway on the issue of banking and working with American players, because the law provides an incredible dodge from having to obey UIGEA, so they have been very confidentiality tight inner workings. In many cases they have technically not been breaking the law, because the transactions in question are permitted online because the gambling is occurring ‘offline.’

However, the issue of whether or not an online gambling provider can break the bank is a very cut and dry issue. The Federal Wire Act of 1961 (which was passed to control the wire communication system) places a restriction on how a wire communication can be used touding gambling, but the same cannot be said for the online gambling industry.

The empowered UIGEA makes it illegal for financial institutions to transfer in any money to an Internet gambling account, regardless of where that check or credit card originated. Although, the law is somewhat vague, there would be a great debate over how to define online gambling, and how that would affect the legality of operators banking with players.

Most commentators predict that the UIGEA will be an Expired Act, not much different from the 1970s-era Wire Act, which was eventually repealed. In fact, there is a recent legislation, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act, that would pretty much keep the UIGEA. Unfortunately, as with most legislations that become law, those who are regulated will always feel a pain. The reality is that the UIGEA was never really meant to stop online gambling, but rather to make it more difficult for the government to pass laws against it.

The implications of the UIGEA for operators of online gambling websites and web casinos is huge, not only because of the strict regulations that operators would have to adhere to regarding gambling, but also due to the fact that many state governments would no longer be allowed to selectively police the internet. government with the intent to stop gambling from occurring in their states.

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