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Blackjack Betting Strategies – Blackjack Betting Strategies That Work

That Work Despite the many attempts of the fans to find the ‘secret’ formula in winning at blackjack, still no one has been able to find one correct winning strategy. Most of the players who claim to have a winning strategy have one, but none have been able to prove it. Here are some of the betting strategies that work, some that don’t work, and why this matters.

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If you have a favorite blackjack betting strategy ask yourself this question

“Is the strategy based on the Shaun Hess Casino Blackjack Card Counting System, an advanced card counting strategy, or computer ratings?”

The only real way to know if the strategy is correct or not is to make sure the person who came up with the strategy is a good card counter. An explanation of what the Shaun Hess Card Counting System is would be more than arm you with one, but wouldn’t hurt if you had one, wouldn’t it?

If you think this is impossible, you will join the majority of people who have been losers at blackjack, but that isn’t because of the Shaun Hess Card Counting System or Card Counting Strategy. It’s just sheer bad luck, I know that, but the awful luck mainly happens to people who shouldn’t be playing at all, such as prison yard dogs. Good Tracker is another story though. The Tracker might be the only strategy you ever need.

If you are a non-shaunger, all the blackjack card counting system can tell you is if a deck rich in face cards is more likely to be dealt to the players than the dealer. That’s about it. You can’t predict what card will come off the deck next.

Card counting strategies can be extra powerful if used properly. However, the systems are often over simplified and the strategies themselves are harder to apply than most people think. The over simplify of card counting systems is the problem.

In a conventional shop, you can find a card counter ready to sell you a card counting system. You take the salesperson’s word that their system is very powerful. You pay for it, and use it, and you are probably still losing money. Why? Because the system doesn’t work.

A card counting system can give you some small advantage, often not more than one or two percent, but you have to have a lot more experience with the system to be able to make it work and win consistently. Plus, you have to remember the card counting system is just music to the ears. It’s not really a strategy.

That Work
Blackjack Betting Strategies

Plus, even if the system works sometimes, the casino can find a counter to your advantage soon enough. They know the deck is designed to work against them, but there are still plenty of decks left, and they know the random number generators aren’t really random.

They also know that when cards are dealt from the shoe, there is a greater chance that the next card will be a low card and the opposite high card, and the deck is set to follow those patterns, so you can’t really count on them consistently.

Casinos also put bans on card counting, or any form of trying to gain an edge over the house. If a streak of high cards builds up, they figure out that you are on a hot streak and ban you from their casino.

Playing at a blackjack table in Las Vegas is not like playing video games. Las Vegas casinos are real casinos and not video games and having a computer at the table is not going to help you at all. You can bet for fun, believe me, but computer opponents aren’t really people. They say they are super-human, but I would still class them as fairly computer-generated. Not human enough, and if a human could hack comfort, the computer maybe classification would be less apt.

Social interaction is another factor in human nature that the online casino world and even the real world are beginning to balk at. We are obviously human, and so is casino gaming. If you ask a human being, “Would you go to another human being’s house and get food in their kitchen?” His answer would be, “I’d probably die of food poisoning.” That’s the same answer that a lot of people give when confronted with the phrase “online casino gaming.”

It is an exciting and new medium of entertainment that we are soon going to see more of. But for the most part, it is a medium that we are going to have to get used to, as it is somewhat overwhelming. surround yourself with other people who are interested in the same thing. It can be overwhelming and if you let it become overwhelming for you, you are not going to succeed. Gamblers are a lot of fun, but they can be a hassle at times. Do not let friends and family get involved or you will be stuck with a lot of expenses.

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