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Poker The checklist

The checklist there is rarely a moment in an individual’s life when they are completely comprehending a concept or principle. Especially, when that individual is trying to learn something that they need to learn in order to improve their poker game. The phrase, ‘call the bluff’ is formed from the words ‘Call or raise any bet/raise’ and then follows by the checklist, ‘if you don’t want to call, then raise’.  The checklist represents the hole situation. If the situation presents itself, the player can either fold (call) or raise any amount of money they desire up to the bet amount.  This is where the concept of bluffing enters the picture.

For those new to poker, bluffing is when you do something that isn’t necessarily true, but is designed to trick your opponents into thinking or believing that you have a stronger hand than you actually do. The essence of bluffing can be summed up in two words: acting weak when you are strong and acting strong when you are weak.

Here are some of the situations that you may want to bluff in:

  • When you are in the early position and you want to steal the blinds
  • When you are in the late position and you want to make a big raise
  • When you have a stack that is comfortable and you want to make a big raise
  • When you are in the blind and you want to get players to call
  • When you are in the blind and you want to get players to fold
  • Your objective is to set a trap and then take them for a ride
  • With your hand, you want to set a trap and then take your opponents for a ride
The checklist
The phrase, ‘call the bluff’

In order to use bluffing effectively, you want to get to the right spot in the hand relative to the button. This means that you want to be on the button with as many players as possible. When you are on the button, you are in the best position to bluff.  In the early position, you should not be playing aggressively because the opponents are still playing tight. From the small blind, your opponents are battling for the blinds and are therefore not 100% likely to have a hand. From the big blind, your opponents are battling for half the blinds because they need chips to stay in the game.

The opponents’ chip stacks, style of play, and blind structure are also factors that should be taken into consideration.

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