The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule of Sports Betting

The Golden Rule many millions of people bet on sporting events and it is a fact that a lot of them will win some bets and lose some bets. Most of the time people will lose more bets than they will win. The question that I’m asking is this: Is there a golden rule of sports betting?

There is, if you happen to be the type of person who likes to bet only on the sports that I have a problem with, that is, I bet on almost every game out there except the ones I really know nothing about. 🙂 While this isn’t a problem most of the time, it is a problem when you lose more bets than you win.

The fact for you to understand is that most of the time the books just love to bet against the bettors. They don’t care who bets what, they hope that all those bettors lose and they make profitassing from the commission they charge…the suckers!

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Most bettors are losers in the long run. Some once were sure they could win huge, but they never could, for they were humans, and thus, vulnerable to the point spread. (I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m bringing the death of the bookies into this.)

Other people, however, just know how to win. They know something about betting, they adapt to the situation and either stay away from the books altogether, or when they bet on the losing side of a game, they make a small profit.

There are also a few more, possibly less well known betting techniques, that almost guarantee a win. Quite often the books are actually giving away money, as a promotional offer, to join them in what has become a losing endeavor. (I almost never join).

Losing a bet can be extremely difficult to accept. It can occur many times in one day and the presence of the bet in one’s mind is something that will repeat itself throughout the day. The more I deal with this, the more I’m sure that everyone’s a loser except rarely the bookmaker.

And it’s not their fault. They don’t have to look at the exquisite detail of the bet. It’s a game and they know it. They can turn the ball over on any given day and still profit. They don’t need tempting drinks to hit their, or the occasional five dollar bill to continue their losing run.

You can imagine how hard it would be to try and pick the winner and make any money. Aside from the fact that the books are quite happy for you to lose so much, the natural human desire to win seems to be an insatiable itch that never seems to go away.

The Golden Rule
Sports Betting

However, what the losing bettor needs is a little perspective. Just as they can’t control what ball ends up in the pygular, they also can’t control the experiment that is sports betting. The majority of their bets are off by 50% or more and all but the most organized and statistically likely to lose.

Perhaps this is the place where they make their highest exertion. Maybe this guy at work is the same guy who hits his 27% on every deck, but he looks at it differently. Maybe he’s a guy who believes his SU card is never due. It’s funny to watch the threes that come in and then laugh at the guy with the losing SU cards. These guys believe they are entitled to some little magical secret, like betting on black in roulette. Maybe they even believe they can trade with the devil. You know the old saying about notowing the devil into your wallet.

There’s another truth in sports betting. Just as some guys believe in some mystical SYSTEM, so too do some guys believe they can defy the odds and manage to keep WINNING! What site did you read about some secret group of geniuses with some secret codes they keep secret that lets them win 60% of the time….money! Absolutely none! extremely none!

Sports betting is the ultimate big ‘what-the- flap’ where Whom do you think you’re kidding? Some guy in a bearskin tells you he can pick a supermodel receiver, or that Michael Jordan could still net a basket…only to prove his point later by fumbling the pass and inviting his opponents to kick his behind. Some guy believes he can legendary status as a poker great. Some guy believes he can influence the mind of a 6 year old kid. It’s absurd, and it doesn’t really matter if these people believed what they said, the truth is they’re entitled to make any decision they want to!

Don’t let a hundred year old man tell you it’s okay to lie to your customers, or that it’s okay to make ridiculous bets based on 2007 WIT season.

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