The Secret

Poker Strategy: The Secret of Adaptation

The Secret chris Ferguson does not think of himself as being particularly fortunate to be living in Las Vegas with his wife and young family. He works as a technician for a video rental store and makes ends meet playing high-stakes poker. He is 53 years old and has had only a few short-term breaks since he wasittheblinds at the Bellagio years ago. He is originally from Detroit, Michigan and like anybody in the poker world he has a dream of being able to play in the World Series of Poker. Although his dream is not realized until he is well into his 60’s, Chris continues to play in live tournaments and take his chances playing for big money. He was originally an online player but really hasn’t settled into a poker room near as well as he did in the beginning. He is open to finding a home game and brings his poker buddies to our home game. Does Chris have the right poker strategy?

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DD:  I think so, he definitely has an affinity for the game and was always learning from the experienced players at the casino. I think he is smart enough to make his moves and be successful. He has been in the casino business all his life and knows what works and what doesn’t. He is not awake yet I think. Does he have the time to invest in learning the game and battling with the best? The Secret

 Variant bring their A game for about nine hours a day so I doubt it. We’ll see how it works for him. You can bet on it. My question is, do the online players know how to play poker? Are they hanging around the cash game tables waiting for the “Wizard Master” to appear from thin air to save them from the blind?  I think so.

Concepts such as table position are normally more important at this level. The problem with Chris is he thinks of his hole cards as just another item on his list, not as the divine tools they really are. Interesting that a man who believes the game is fixed should believe there are certain strategies involved in winning at poker. It never occurred to me.

One thing I do know, Chris has the skills to back up his beliefs. If only he would take the time to listen to those discussions. I know he is a caring guy who would do anything for his wife and kids. Maybe he is blessed with an unusual amount of common sense. I would soon put that down to dumb luck, but I know better. The Secret

The Secret
Poker Strategy

If Chris’ belief in the game is correct, then I believe we are indeed facing our biggest test.  How well we play over there, how well we respond to pressure, whether we improve or decline to improve and how we handle the pressure of having the weight of the world on your shoulders. We must be prepared for the consequences. It is a hard lesson to learn but one we all need to know about as individuals. There is a saying about a man opening a door way for a mouse. Basically, it means finding the path less traveled by a mouse.

The analogy would be, when a man opens the Syndicate door, a mouse will be let into the house. You are about to be handed aundred bucks in your pocket. Just as the mouse got into the house, you are about to be handed a hundred bucks. Now, if you don’t do something, the mouse will get into the house. You may as well shed the hundred bucks the mouse just handed you because you can’t possibly know what the mouse will do after it gets into the house. Now, you are playing poker with a mouse.

If you don’t do anything, the mouse will eventually get into the house and around it go. It may take the mouse several times to make that final mistake, and at the end of that alone, you will probably lose. In a similar fashion, the mouse may get into the house and around the house go. You may think the mouse will like your cat, your fish, your television, your shoe, but the mouse may just devour them. Again, in some cases the mouse may get a female to lay her eggs and the eggs may not be able to escape. The cycle may have went on for some time, but there may be no more food.

With thezoeproof poker strategy, in the case where the mouse gets into the house, food becomes danger as the mouse may get hungry and find the food in the fridge.  The mouse may realise that the food is not in there, and as it didn’t get it yesterday it might take a long time to get some food into the mouse.

Food that the mouse should eat should be fresh, raw, and unpasteurized things.

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