Tight Aggressive

Tight Aggressive

Poker Strategy – Loose Aggressive Vs Tight Aggressive Play

Tight Aggressive Players who play poker either loose aggressive or tight aggressive play for many reasons. Some players play strictly tight because when they play poker, the risk is more immediately clear. When playing loose aggressive, the opposite is true. You don’t know the cards coming, so you keep taking risks. Tight aggressive carries less risk because you know a lot more about what you’re holding. In a nutshell, you have to take all of these sources into consideration to develop your own winning poker strategy.

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Loose Aggressive

Players who play loose aggressive usually lead with a large range of hands, and play against opponents who are generally tight. Against tight players, playing looser than your actual risk enables you to win small amounts from tight players who don’t understand the game. Players who play loose aggressive generally take a lot of risks, and like to bet and raise. They are willing to go broke with some hands and hit big with others. Being loose, in the sense of the play, is about being aggressive most of the time, about betting and raising rather than checking and calling or checking. When you play loose, you take a lot more chances than you will take chances.

This type of poker player is generally new and wants to get involved in every pot they can. They may have a decent hand, but rarely do they take control of the game and make the difficult decisions later in the hand.

Tight aggressive

The tight aggressive player is selective about the hands they play, but when they do play, they play aggressively. This player is generally in control of the hand, and may lead out on many streets. They don’t usually worry about what their opponent is doing, as they are generally in control of the hand they are playing. They pick their spots to bet, and don’t worry whether their opponent might be allowing a hand of their own or may play back at them with a different hand.

This type of player is generally considered the strategy to play against, as their hands will typically be premium hands, good enough to take down most pots, but not good enough to risk a lot of money to take down the big pots. They will play fewer hands, but show when they do play, and manage the pot well. Tight players are harder to take down pots, but when they do win, they take down a big one.

Tight Aggressive
Poker Strategy – Loose Aggressive

Aggressive Tight

Players who are labelled as aggressive tight play and play tight are those that take less risks than other players in the game. They are generally in control of the hand, and less likely to let their opponent control the game for them. They are willing to play less hands, but when they do play, they make up for it quickly.

This type of player is great for those players who like to slowly pick up a lot of chips slowly. Since they are not considered to be that aggressive, you may consider letting them gamble against you, but still be cautious. Should another player be continually aggressive towards this player, you should know that it is safe to re-raise them if you think they are bluffing.

Are There Any Other Roles to Play in Poker?

HLP stands for full house. ALT is another tight player. They both lead out with strong hands and raise the pot consistently. They are an easy call or a fold.

For additional options in 5-max play, consider playing an aggressive tight player, like an ALT, but instead of folding you can call them, and if they don’t give up, you will likely get a fold.

This described how to play an aggressive tight-aggressive player. It’s easier to take down pots later in the game with this strategy, as opposed to an aggressive loose-aggressive player. You’re essentially describing what cards to play, rather than acting out, so you can make decisions easier and save chips. Tight players are great targets for your aggressive strategy, but if you choose an aggressive tight player, you will not need to worry about them running you over. They’re going to fold most of the time, so you will not need to worry about them Gordo-ing you.

Remember, play tight every single hand, unless there is a specific situation. When you are playing tight, so are you. It’s difficult to push them out of pots with four high. When you are holding a premium hand, so is everyone else. So the answer to the question is, depending, you will want to play more hands, including marginal hands, more often.

If you want to claim success from playing poker, play tight every hand. It works. Ask your opponents, if they know how to play tight, if they know how to play loose. They will know.

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