Tournament Poker Strategy: Do You Know How The “X Factor” Affects Your Stack

Tournament In the last few years the X Factor has really come into play in a big way. If you are wondering what the X Factor is, it is the theory that states that a player’s stack must be above average, when in reality it is a players relative strength.

The theory originates from the game of poker, when professionals will have books written on them, telling them what hand to play, when to bluff, when to fold, and even when to fold when they have a big hand. Since then it has become a cliche in poker, that is, that the player with the best hand wins, in reality the person with the second best hand, or in this case the second best stack, wins.

When playing in tournaments however, a player may be forced to use an X Factor, a forced raise, in order to get more money into the pot. So, assuming you want to win a poker tournament, what should you do in each situation.

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A good poker player will enter a tournament with a stack that is nine or ten times the big blind. However, this doesn’t mean you have to play aggressively. Spread your hands, and don’t be afraid to get your chips in – in fact, this is the hardest part of playing aggressive.

If you have a small stack you can play for the blinds, and be aggressive when you are in position. Consider taking the blinds from players, especially when it’s possible to do so. Don’t take them to the showdown though, unless you have a good hand.

If you have a big stack, you can take people out early. All you have to do is bet people consistently and they will be out. If someone calls you, you can re-raise them.

Playing aggressively in position is very important, as poker players tend to tighten up, in response to aggression from other players. If you are called, you can choose a wider range of your starting hands to play from, depending on the opponents you face.

From this position you can’t really do much on the table, other than possibly steal the blinds, but your opponents have to pay care to your actions, as well. Don’t be predictable, and make sure your opponents pay to your raises, or you could lose a lot of chips.

In the last few minutes of an all-in-one, it is vital that you assess your opponents, and be aware of what they may have, if only to slow play and take down a pot.

Players tend to tighten up, when they are desperate to survive. Don’t be that player, who calls in the last 2 destroyers, just to make a move with a premium hand.

Do You Know How The “X Factor” Affects Your Stack

Common Texas Holdem Mistakes That Always Get ya #1

– Playing beyond the flop with nothing – I know this one mistake a lot, and it’s a mistake that gets beta testers positive for sure.

If by chance you have nothing nice, and nobody has any nice cards in front of you, you should consider going all in, before the flop. Sometimes this is the best thing to do, because then you can win the blinds, and you get the chips you need to continue.

This is particularly important after the blinds have increased, because you will be in the most dangerous position. Players are less likely to engage you, because they aren’t chasing cards.

Common Texas Holdem Mistakes That Always Get ya #2

– Not bluffing enough – This is a massive mistakes poker newbies make, because they are so sure that they are doing the right move.

They bluffs so much that they are actually chasing cards, and lose in the long term. Even if they win a pot, you can recover on the next hand.

This is actually really bad play, and newcomers can do nothing about it. Texas Holdem is not a game of the higher mathematics. You don’t have to bet vis-à- vis other players, to win; the best chances to do so is to pick up the natural instincts of your opponents.

Common Texas Holdem Mistakes That Always Get ya #3

– Not maximizing the pot – It’s really a problem with new players, and then they try to play with a many hands, in the beginning of the session and at the end.

If you truly want to win a lot of money playing poker, the solution is to learn how to maximize the pot at the end of a betting round. Bet more, or at least stay in the game longer, if you know you have a good hand.

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