Tower Defense

All You Need to Know About Tower Defense

Tower Defense Games have become hugely popular over the last few years, thanks to the massive success of the Runescape series. The idea of the game is that a group of your friends decide to create a tower, and slowly repair it, whilst preventing the enemies from invading your base. The enemies number in the hundreds and are easily spotted because they stand out, for the obvious reason that they towers stand out. You are given a modest budget and any spare money you have left over is invested in upgrading your towers, in order to stand out from the crowd.

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The basic game play is extremely easy. Create your tower, position it in a pre-arranged location and click on it with your mouse. Your first tower is complete and ready to be deployed, when you think the time is right. The downsides to this, is that you can only deploy 2 towers at once and all your towers have a limited lifespan, so if something happens to your first tower, you’ll have to re-deploy it.

It is sometimes challenging to get your towers to stand out, this is where the game increases the difficulty, so that you have a greater challenge to the towers. You also get a variety of different towers and enemy types. The variety of the towers along with the variety of the enemies increases the replay value of the game.

The game is very satisfying and superfast, a few minutes into the match and you have at least 3 towers up and pumping out workers. Each tower uses a different mix of energy, and currency. You can earn more money by upgrading your towers, but be sure to upgrade them to a level that will actually be able to cope with the increasing difficulty.

For a game of such superb graphics, sound and controls, it’s amazing that Tower Defense Games have not changed much over the years. The controls are very simple and the game is as streamlined as it is in the sense that if you need to deal with and sweeper, you just click the right button. For a while, it used to be a good looking game, but with updates, and a steady stream of new towers and enemies, the game has started to look a little tired. The developer has however, given the OK to update the game, so you do have something new to play.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you though, the game is very challenging. The makers have even thrown in a few twists and a few hurdles that you have to jump to gain access to the next tower. For example, you have to watch out for the water.

Tower Defense
All You Need to Know About Tower Defense

Don’t let the simplicity fool you though, the game is very challenging. The game is very challenging, and they do this by adding small challenges to the mix, so that you have to try and gain access to the next tower. For example, you need to gain access to the tower, if it hasn’t already been destroyed by the previous enemy. You also need to gain access to the super generator, and not let it be destroyed by the next wave of enemies.

This adds a new dimension to the game, and keeps you coming back for more. If the original, complex setup of the game wasn’t enough of a challenge, this update makes it even harder. Many of the initial enemies have now become automated, so you need to use a little more strategy to setup your tower complex.

The game also gains replayability by allowing you to upgrade your towers. You can gain access to the full range of tower upgrades, including everything from basic towers to super towers. This gives you a lot of flexibility with your tactics, as well as gives the game a lot more to offer with different play styles, as each player’s playing style is different. The game is still a very challenging add-on for tower defence enthusiasts, and those new to the genre, but with the different upgrades and options, it makes the game a lot more enjoyable.

The main disadvantage with this game, is that it requires a lot of RAM to run. A slow connection also means that the game will run choppy and take a long time to load. For a tower defence game, this isn’t a bad thing, as it means that you can have a working unit to play with for a long time.

Overall, this is a great update to the game, and Tower Defense enthusiasts shouldn’t be disappointed.

Tips and Guides Metrix Interactive has improved the game a lot, and I am sure that they will continue to do so, as renting this game has been a real lucky charm for me. I encourage you to try out the game as well. You can rent it from the usual games rental sites such as Gamefly. I hope that we will see each other online again soon!

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