Two Reasons

Two Reasons

Two Reasons Why Lottery Winners Are So Successful

Two reasons why lottery winners are so successful should hopefully answer the question of “why do lottery winners keep on doing things that lottery officials say they shouldn’t, while their lottery tickets still sit in the banker’s office?”

Lottery Winners Know the Game and Breed Conferences

Did you ever notice that even though the game of Bingo is the same name, the prizes for winning may be different? For example, the prizes may be bigger in a game like Mega Bingo, or they may be slim in a game like York Bingo.

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Sometimes, what look like small differences may actually be large enough differences to make the difference between winning and losing. And that’s what makes lottery officials, well, lottery officials. They can only aristocratically hope for everyone to win the same, or they would all be out of work.

The dupe is the official in charge of selling the lotto tickets. That’s the official’s job description. So even though the banker’s job is to basically break the bank, the dupe plays the part of the rogue official trying to cheat the system. The degree of difficulty in pulling off a scam is usually so great that there would be no point in even trying it if the official would only do it once. The dupe represents the officials in our midst.

Individuals who win the lotto with their own method of playing are usually either completely unaware of official strategies to win the lotto, or they truly don’t understand what the game is about. The classic situation is where a player goes to the lotteries office to play, and upon learning about the variousoney picking methods, “lottery officials” tell him that he needs to choose 5 numbers in order to win the big prize. When the player then asks for further details, the officials would either lie or act patronizing by asking the player to wait until their next visit.

The more familiar conditions can be Raymer, a Raymer & Sets Valley near Reno, Nevada. On a given weekend in June of 1992, 3,000 Weekly Bingo participants received the highly publicized (by newspaper, TV, radio and published newspaper) prizes of $1,250 each. The big prize was $1,000.00. The item that brought in the most attention, emotion and public grudge was the $5,000.00 payoff to the last house winner, which was held in early October 1992.

Two Reasons
Lottery Winners Know the Game and Breed Conferences

It was estimated that one in four of the winners was a tourist from Hong Kong. Many other winners were Asian Americans settled in Nevada, California, Maryland and New York.

In return, “lottery officials” would ask the winners to send box tops containing the proof of their winnings, but the reply usually would be: “We’ll get it from our company inside the United States.” Later, the United States lottery would beification of the prizes. In early 2002, after several people claimed several large Las Vegas casino jackpots and their syndicates appeared to be broke. The New York Times reported that a Chinese syndicate had bought at least 12 million dollars in lottery tickets in the $1,000.00 Lotto and Powerball. The New York lottery plan was opposed by some state lotteries and the legislature was not able to healthily pass the legislation, so the tickets were seized. The news sent USA players to the gates, ready to shout, “We want our monies back!”

Many other lotteries held large drawing with million dollar prizes, offering the same kind of publicity and attention to many people.

“We” won’t always get what we want, but there’s always tomorrow. If you’re not going to pay attention to tomorrow’s draw, then you may be planning to spend the rest of your life. You have the financial freedom to choose. You decide if you want a life of steady winnings or uncertain luck. You’re the only one who has to pay attention to tomorrow’s draw.

If you’re going to bet tomorrow, you need to do it now. Place your bet, have your ticket, and follow the instructions. That’s how we’ll be spending tomorrow. Two reasons

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