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Price Listing

Playstation 3 Price Listing

Price Listing As to its specification, the PlayStation 3 has a 3. 2 GHz processor which has been developed with the joint efforts of Sony, IBM and Toshiba. Also, the PS3 entrust come with a 256 MB Rambus XDR DRAM. The video game console consists of a CD-ROM drive, also a CD-RW drive and is able to dual layer DVDs. The console comes with Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 and High Definition WC wideband. The navigation buttons consist of a single analog circle pad and the other button is the quest starter button. The Xross Media Bar is able to support wide range of disc media. The PS3 is also able to support disc mount with a flexible treble join.

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The PS3 enters in crowded market of today where there are several console skirmishes going on. Competing with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii, this games console has been in limelight from its launch in 2006. Because of its rich set of features, the PS3 is preferred by many gamers and the gadgets that supports it is getting better and better. For the people who want to have a taste of almost authentic experience of arcade, there are some accessories that are usable for the PS3.

PlayStation 3 accessories

Like designing the PSP, there were several aspects of PS3 accessories that inspired a lot of people, including those from China, Taiwan, Australia, etc. The most important of the PS3 accessories is the wireless controller, using which you are able to access many of the functionalities of the console. This controller has its own rechargeable battery, with a lifespan of about 40 hours. Costing about USD 1500.00, it is a good option for those who don’t want to invest in any electric mechanics. The battery is installed in the controller, and there is a mana gem installed too, which is able to charge the controller through its USB port. Another important PlayStation 3 accessory is the SIXAXIS controller, which is equipped with built-in motion sensors. It is commonly used in racing games, making you feel as if you are actually driving the car. It also has a wheel adapter, for those who prefer to have a steering wheel. However, the biggest of all the PS3 accessories is the PS3 Headset, commonly used to talk to other players. It has also Few functions, which can be used in conjunction with it, making it a rich, fully featured console. Generally spoken, the PS3 accessories are the console’s “front doors”.

Price Listing
PlayStation 3 accessories

The PS3 accessories that are ” Behind the doors” are indeed more interesting. The Bluray player alone costs USD 350.00, and the 60 GB unit with Move feature is priced at USD 2999.00. Apart from these, the accessories available as “Out of the box” are the following:

1. Logitech HD AV Cable Pro Duo with V ledge cable and plugador

2. Co gaming headset connectivity

3. PlayStation 3 component 8-omponent cable

4. PlayStation 3 component 6-omponent cable

5. PlayStation 3 power cable

6. Sony PS 3 HDMI umper

7. Sony PS 3 component cable

8. Hudon CPU and Video Cable

9. Sony component cable

10. Sony HDMI extender.

The prices of the accessories mentioned above were last updated on 08/11/07. So, you could have really got better prices then. If you got any additional accessories, it is best that you could purchase those too. The prices of the accessories are reasonable now days. You could purchase any of the mentioned accessories from any of the online stores. You might also want to include a USB keyboard and mouse with you gaming system, because the gaming keys are far from being cheap. A mouse and a keyboard will hardly cost more than USD 49.9 and USD 19.9 respectively.

The latest PS3 accessories requires as well as affects your PS3‘s internal memory. Do you think that all of those extra downloads will now come to your console? Of course not! The best PS3 accessories requires some knowledge of expansion storage. If you are able to unlock your console’s hard drive with a USB pen drive, etc. You will certainly be able to store as many of the downloadable contents for your console as possible.

You could get hold of a lot of accessories and also make your console’s life more convenient and affordable. The best way is through looking for cheap ps3 accessories online. Look for those cheap accessories that are available in the market as they are available at low prices. You could get hold of some cheap ps3 accessories that would enable your PlayStation to connect to the Internet and to play with your friends online. Cheap ps3 accessories show up in the market all the time. Online stores can provide you with the best gaming console with a chic look and a lot of benefits.

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