Table Position

Table Position

Table Position in Texas Holdem Poker

Table Position a lot of novice and beginning online poker players are unaware of what position means and so it’s best to clear things up straight away. Position refers to where you sit in relation to the dealer on the table and playing position is one of the most important aspects of being a winning poker player. It’s positional, therefore,  you want to know how your position affects your game and playing poker, at least in relation to where you sit on the table.

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There are various positions on a poker table, therefore, there are four general categories of where you will sit in relation to the dealer.  Below is the best possible position for you based on the position you are in at the poker table:

Early Position (the first three or four seats straight away from the dealer button)

This is the position you will be playing from first hand, so you will be in late position. If you are not sure about how you want to play, you should stay in this position and ask for few hands to allow yourself to get comfortable with the action before you start playing. If you know you have a lot of knowledge in a certain area and you can dominate, playing from early position is a great option because you can see how the other players react and you will be able to control the action easier. You can play every hand from early position, except the blinds, don’t play from early position if you are in blind.

Middle Position

Middle position players have players on their left and right. In middle position, you can use a more flexible playing strategy. You can play more hands from the more losers, getting in more pots and winning more chips. As a generator of money, you will more likely to have positive expectations in middle position. As well, the blinds that are paid in middle position are often attractive enough to play even in early position.

Late Position

The blinds get to the best players in late position, so you can play from the most advantageous position in the table. Play in late position only if you have good hands; the blinds that are paid in late position are often high enough to play (assuming you are in early position). You’ll also want to mix in a wide range of hands in here, because most players being in late position will play back at you with draws or basically any hand just so they can have a chance to see another card. Don’t play too tightly in here, because most players being in late position will likely be in and around the money.

Table Position
Texas Holdem Poker

Around The Customs Guys

If you have a lot of chips on the table, you are in a prime location to steal the blinds. If you are a short stack and in desperate need of chips, try to steal the blinds by pushing all-in. Most times your opponents will fold and not many will call, which leaves you with the chance to double your stack. You should also try to steal the blinds from the button. The button is prime real estate and if you control the table then it is prime real estate. Try to control the table by building your chip lead early.

Look at the Button Guys

Look at the button guys and tokens they are playing aggressively with strong hands, means they are prime for stealing the blinds. If they are playing any weak hand then look at their stack, it should be somewhere near fifteen to twenty times the big blind. Make a bet up to three times the big blind with any hand like A-x where x is the blind. Most times the button guys will fold and not many will call. This is a great place to steal the blinds as the button players are going to be strong and you can push them all-in with any hand at any time.

Look at the Small Blinds

The small blind is where you want to have the majority of your hands. If the person in the small blind raises then you can look at the stacks of the other players in the blind. If there is a lot of action then you can get a majority of hands with a minimum bet. If you are in the small blind and there is no raise then look at the stacks of the other players in the small blind. If there is a lot of action then you can get a majority of hands with a minimum bet.

Look at the Position of Your Opponents

Since you are not in position with any of the players in the blind, you want to be on the offensive. Instead of having your opponent bet in front of you, you want to make your bets the turn and river. This puts you in control of the betting action and you will have more opportunities to win a large pots.

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