Win at Roulette

Win at Roulette

Tips For Roulette – How to Win at Roulette Tables Online and Offline

Win at Roulette often the only thing that a new gambler needs after getting past the basics and winning a few games are some solid tips to keep them profitable. Essentially roulette is a game of probability and skill and so although there are no exact strategies to ensure your success, following these tips could mean you walk away from the roulette table a winner.

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Back in the casinos, your opinion was the vote of the experts and the one that decides whether you walk away or not. However, this is the one thing you can’t count on when playing online, the game is slightly different, the dealer is not an on-off switch, and if you have any control over the game you can often guess or predict the next number or the next card or the next spin – you can influence the game. Although you won’t win on every bet or recieve a bonus for every successful bet, you can guarantee yourself a profit, or at least come away with some profit after a session by following some solid tips for roulette.

Know the Table Limits

Always keep to a really small limit when playing roulette, especially if you are a beginner. Don’t risk things you can’t afford to lose, especially when you could just as easily have won – don’t get caught up in the game.


Keep yourself in the biggest position possible to see the flop or the turn, if you are in the big blind and all others have placed bets – raise to limit the betting.

Look for Machines with the Best Odds

On certain machines, bets are paid off at a different odds than what is offered on the wheel. Often this is the single largest payout machine on the table and so you can get the most for your bets at this particular machine. Position means a lot of money but not in the way you might think.

on a roulette wheel what you want to happen is a spin landing on a green number – these are the thirty-eight or so numbers that have the highest payout. By betting on these you are committing yourself to the game before the ball has dropped, meaning you could easily be waiting for another spin before you get a chance to bet – a risky position to be in.

Win at Roulette
Tables Online and Offline

Wait for a Zero to Come Up

If the wheel is not stopping at all the zeros, meaning not coming to an end at all, you should keep betting on red/black or on odd/even. Statistically the game is usually fair and you have as much a chance at the zero as the other colour comes up. The safest bet to start with is an even money bet on a single number. Keep in mind if the ball keeps going to the numbers in the middle it could be a while before it gets back to the starting point.

There are some machines that are designed to pay off at a higher rate if you bet on seven or more numbers, but you need to be extremely lucky with these machines if you plan to make a lot of money. The payout rates will be in the region of forty to fifty percent of the money that you put in, so if you are putting in £5 you have about a forty percent chance of winning and being paid out £5.

Make sure you are confident with the machine you are playing on so that you don’t lose a lot of money and you are playing on a machine where if you have a lot of money in you account you will be paid back a lot. The odds are always in the house or the casino’s favour so if you are playing on a machine where you have the odds in your favour you will be a sure winner.

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