Professional Poker

Professional Poker

How to Run a Professional Poker Tournament

Professional Poker Playing in poker tournaments is entirely different than playing in cash games and there are many subtle differences that even the most pros try to avoid. These differences are more or less involuntary and happening without any conscious thought. The main difference between cash games and poker tournaments is the feeling of playing for a lot of money and being in danger of losing it all just like that. In poker tournaments the player is in danger because the blinds go up and it is impossible to catch-up.

In addition, poker tournaments can have a feature called the puck. In NHL hockey, if a team is behind and behind by two straight goals, they get another chance to catch-up. In poker tournaments that is how it works. If there is a team behind and they have to catch-up by winning their remaining games, the tournament is over. The fact that the tournament continuesverts the normal order of the play. Normally, for example, a tournament should last for a week. In one tournament, the featured poker game will be played over two days with two poker players facing each other.

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Since it is impossible to dictate the outcome of a tournament, the best advice is to stick to the most important rule in poker, be patient. The more you play in the tournament, the more you build your anticipation and skills of being able to determine the outcome. A lot of analysts favor the tight style, which requires a lot of patients. If you are in the final three of a 10-player SnG, you better be ready to face the GR heads-up.

Inside the Game

Poker Tournament

In the last few years, I dealt poker as a gig and I had players in all types of poker tournaments. I believe playing in tournaments is very beneficial especially for players who have no money to their name and nothing to lose. Back in the day, you could get into a tournament for a measly Entry Ticket. The prize was, at best, afree TShirtand a few beers. However, today there are HUGE prizes to be won including trips to Las Vegas, Las Vegas trips, and even Fantasy camps. So, how can you profit from your tournament play?

First of all, when you get your Free TShirt, go all-in right smack into the middle! When you are all-in, you are telling the table, “I have x amount of dollars to invest and I am not folding in this hand.” This tells the other player, “I am not scared, I have lie to you.”

The other way to play is to bet the minimum each time you enter the pot. Only take smaller risks, call or raise, when you have a good hand. In the beginning, I was doing the latter and had many close calls and slightly fewer wins than losses. As I said before, when you have a small stack, you should be riskier, but not scared of losing your chips.

Fantasy Camp is a poker week that lasts for 9 days. Fantasy camps is similar to a real tournament except the players are often professional card counters. The low- weakened players bust out early and the skilled ones stay and win. During the first day, go to sleep and wake up late. When you go to sleep, save your wager from the previous day. After you have 3-4 days pass, start over and pick the same blinds and opponents from the previous day. By doing so, you will learn to play poker better and win more consistently.

The big surprise is to stop losing and to start winning. This is where most players Failure (Dozens) often begin. It is that human nature of having a short memory and making mistakes so easy that it is virtually impossible to improve. However, that is not the case with a poker career. Poke around in your past opponents’ blog and you will see a nearly 100% win-rate. Imagine how many thousands of hours are lost just by reading this article and listening tottesacharpsit bonuses migration3.

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