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With Poker

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With Poker maybe you have a friend that is a little jealous of your straight – hopefully this article has helped you unwind. Poker is quite simple and easy to learn. There are no complicated rules and regulations. It is highly critical to understand the terminology of the game, especially for the newb and pros. Some of the common terms are:

  • Blind – thewagen or Player that goes first. It is the person that places the small blind.
  • Big Blind – the second player to the left of the big blind.
  • Small blind – the first player to the left of the big blind. Small blind is equal to half of the BB.

There are also the big two bets in which the last person to act is the SB (small blind) and BB (big blind).

The blinds are always relative to the Big Blind. As the blinds are big linked in a clockwise direction, the blinds go to the player on the immediate left of the blinds.

The other important thing to remember is that the blinds get to decide who gets the next card. This only makes sense because the SB and BB have already been decided.

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Next, about once every 2 hours, the dealer will discard about 80% of the deck. This is to prevent cheating, although the remaining decks are dealt back to the deck.

Once the blinds are posted, the dealer places the small and big blinds on the table (as in the picture above), and then deals each player 2 cards face down.

Now is when the pre-flop action starts. Each player will decide how to act pre-flop. If the player is in the big blind, generally speaking, they should fold.


With Poker Because the SB will often take money out of the pot, and that money will most likely be no more than half of the total amount of the pot. In other words, the SB will get a share of the pot, but not the whole pot.

It gets a little more complicated, but the basic idea is this: If a player in the big blind has a hand, and that player wants the money in the pot, they must call the big blind and then the BB will put in the small blind. The SB will make some sort of play, sort of like they are acting the opposite of the BB.

However, if the player in the big blind didn’t put in the small blind, they would get the same amount as the SB. This helps the SB don’t take too much money out of the pot.

Also, the SB will often put in a call with a weaker hand than the BB’s. The BB calls with the better hand. This allows the SB to get more money in the pot with a hand less likely to beat the BB’s.

Once the action goes around the table, the SB will usually bet as weak a hand as they can. This is a way to try to steal the blinds. If the SB folds or checks, the BB will usually bet as weak as well.

This is a predictable pattern. The players in the big blind know each time the BB bets weak, the SB will probably play weak, and the BB knows that the SB is predictable.

Because of this, they are able to put the pressure on the SB, and turn the tables on the BB. The BB, being the worst player at the table, is unable to put the pressure on the SB, and is forced to call whatever bet the SB throws at them.

With Poker
Slowplay the BB for Maximized Winnings

Slowplay the BB for Maximized Winnings

 maximizing the winnings of a situation such as this, the SB should be slowplayed as much as the possible. The SB knows that the BB is not going to bet again, so the SB can raise the pot without fear. The BB knows that the SB is not going to call his bet, so he can steal the blinds.

Going all-in is the signal that the player in the big blind has a good hand. The small blind should call with any Ace, King, Queen, or Jack. The SB should call with any pocket pair, and any big blind should call.

Because of the ratio of the SB’s to SB’s ratio in the deck, and the expectation that the SB will act first, the SB should call the bet in the big blind with any Ace. With Poker

Now, the BB will be thinking this is a bluff. He’s not sure if the SB wrote that he has a good hand, or if the SB just called with Ace anyways.

Lastly, if the SB doesn’t have a good hand, but the BB did, then the SB should fold. But if the SB calls, the BB should also call, since the same Ace hit the flop.

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