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Academy Poker training sites are intended to help the average poker player ‘up’ his game. These sites offer comprehensive training and teach-your-self strategies aimed at helping you to play to your potential and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

The sites offer articles on a wide range of poker subjects, including; Texas Holdem, Phil Ivey’s Phil Hellmuth Hellmuth Jr winning the World Series of Poker, Themasters Series, and World Poker Tour. Each of the sites have individual guides to learning the various game of poker, and each offers a different poker training program, which caters mainly to the novices, beginning, intermediate and advanced player.

You will find entire sections, devoted entirely to beginning, intermediate, and advanced poker subjects, and each section starts with a different poker philosophy and mindset.

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The sites offer comprehensive training on several poker game concepts such as hand ratings, pot odds, slow playing, the Gap Concept, and poker variance. In addition, most of the sites have sections devoted to specific poker games such as Omaha, Hold’em, and Omaha Hi/Lo, and also sit and go tournaments.

Some of the sites also offer instructional poker videos, which are available by subscription only. The instructors are also available in the form of tutorials, recaps, and live chats, and each has an end to end subscription plan, allowing people to sign up, and benefit from the instructor’s intellectual energy.

All of these elements are available from Poker Training Videos exchanges, the core membership site, and also on subscription sites.

The end result is that you have a choice of hundreds of poker training sites that offer a broad range of topics, beginning to advanced concepts, along with Hands, Betting, Game, Players, and more, all combined in a multi-faceted, but easily learnt, learning method.

The advantage of starting at this point is that you are likely to have a strong grasp of the concepts than if starting at a later stage, and because the majority of poker training sites offer a free package, you will be able to put the techniques into practice without differing the focus from topic to subject.

The majority of the benefits from poker training sites is that it acts as your learning mechanism, bedside-structed, with the ability to review lessons and applying them to your actual playing experience.

This will accrue to you as practice in the form of better skills and a richer understanding of the game.

The learning methods used with these programs are proven and fruitful, and with the application of the learning techniques, you will find that the games you play on the internet, are the games you played in the casino, and vice versa.


The learning methods are particularly helpful to poker players who are trying to make a dent in the game. Poker players, regardless of the level of their game play, should take advantage of poker training as early as possible.

Train to Learn

However, aside from the fact that poker is the most played card game in the world, there is another reason why I consider poker training to be a smart and a profitable investment. If you are an avid casino poker player, you possess some learning deficiencies.

Let me explain. Because casino poker is the sport in which the individual skill compete faces an individual competition, you will be almost certain to get the jist of the game. Academy

It is from these imperfections that learning experiences are made. And, it is from these distractions that we must learn. Otherwise, we would be in a world of hurt, and very soon, even be playing the game into the ditch.

The quality of training materials varies in a significant manner when you access the internet as opposed to the more limited resources of a typical textbook. You can normally expect the most current and updated training methods and strategies from most of the poker training sites, both for live games and those in online training rooms.

Even if you want to benefit from the “people-reading” techniques, which require less of a focus on the game than the full investigation blackout, the internet provides still more reference material than could possibly fit into even the greatest books. Much of the poker training info can be found in forums, the most popular of which are inevitably the forums chock-full of people keen to share their knowledge and skills, often at considerable discount prices.

And, finally, the most accessible possibility for learning is in the on-line casinos. Today, there are numerous “techies” willing to teach you everything you ever need to know about playing online poker. Indeed, the online casino system is the setting sun which allows people to learn in the smallest possible detail how to play without shame, and how to improve your game over time.

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